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Traditionally, Thanksgiving is all about FOOD. Learning how to make food that your grandmother used to make or deciphering the recipe you mother-in-law mailed to you. A lot of us sit around and watch the Macy's parade or watch one of the countless football games on TV. But I am here to advocate new traditions, physical traditions, traditions that get the family up and moving together.

Why not play touch football like the Kennedy's - how more Americana can you get on our national day of thanks? But you can also play catch, soccer or Frisbee.

Or take a hike. This gets tricky with a turkey in the oven. Someone (read MOM) stays behind with the turkey, but with a lot of little ones running about this might be a nice break for the cook too.

If it is raining or too cold to go out, there is always a game of Twister. Or put on some tunes and have a family dance party. ( Fit's disclaimer: Your home dance party might not be as quaint as the one pictured above since it's hard these days to find both a fireplace and a fiddler.)

I am sure there are so many fun possibilities out there. Let me know if I've missed your tradition.

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