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Gear Review: DoD Fitness Tools

Tightness in the wrists, a kink in the neck, and discomfort in the knees — these pains can disrupt a great workout, interfering with the benefits of toning exercises or yoga poses. DoD Fitness (the acronym stands for Do or Die) created a line of foamy products to help reduce discomfort in the wrists, neck, and knees during poses that typically strain these areas. We tried the Set of All Three ($45), which included Wrist Wedges, Knee Donuts, and a Neck Circle. DoD Fitness Tools are made out of a super light foamy material, so they can be transported easily. No need to deal with towels, because the products are sweat-proof and waterproof too. The line was tested by experts in biomechanics, kinesiology, and chiropractics to ensure that they aid in correct alignment while achieving better comfort.

Find out what we thought of DoD Fitness Tools.

Plank and downward facing dog are strenuous poses on the wrists, and I definitely experience tightness and wrist pain during these yoga moves. I was looking forward to feeling the benefits of the Wrist Wedges, which are angled to reduce the pressure on wrists during weight-bearing exercises. However, I found that the angle increased pressure on my wrists instead of distributing the weight evenly across my fingers. I think I'll stick to my yoga instructor's advice and continue to press into my fingertips rather than lean into the heels of my palm.

My knees do not like balancing on hardwood floors, even if my yoga mat is doubled up. I love the Knee Donuts, and I will definitely be using these next time I'm at the gym. The Knee Donuts cushion and support the patella (aka kneecap), so the knee never touches the floor, and I tried intense knee-balancing moves like opposite arm/leg balances, kick backs, camel pose, and knee push-ups using them. The Knee Donuts helped me maintain balance and concentrate on the targeted muscles rather than any knee pain.


The Neck Circle is a great way to keep the neck in a neutral position. You will automatically feel the difference of a correctly aligned neck. I rested in Savasana with no tension, and I also tried a few Pilates moves, like single leg circles, while lying on my back. My neck felt lengthened and straight, and my chin naturally tucked downward. I think this is a great product for Pilates, yoga, or any traditional exercise done on your back.

Would you be game to try DoD Fitness Tools?

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bjeanne18 bjeanne18 6 years
My sister just had knee surgery on her knee cap -- I'm wondering if once she's healed these knee cups will help protect it in the future? will look into it :)
amaniesa amaniesa 6 years
They sound good in theory, but knowing me I would forget where I put them and find them 6 months later tucked behind my sofa or something.
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