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Workout Mantras

When your workout gets tough, you need to be mentally prepared for the self pep talk and the occasional mental smackdown of negative self talk. Kara Goucher powers through with power words when racing, and many of you FitSugar readers have great workout mantras as well. A couple of weeks ago, I asked you all to share your personal pep talks. Here are some of my favorite workout mantras, and if you're in need of a power word or phrase, you can adopt one of these.

"You CAN do this. You ARE strong enough. It's not an option to quit."— elenaperez64

If you're more into talking about yourself rather than to yourself, try this little rhyming ditty of a mantra:

"I can do this. I am strong. I can do this. It's not that long." — syako

This one is blunt and to the point:
"You don't want to be a fata$$ again so keep moving." — wackdoodle

This mantra works for yoga, running, or biking up a steep hill:
"Breathe. Breathe and it all changes." — juliet

Although she wrote that she doesn't actually believe her mantra, she chants it regularly:
"Pain is a sensation; sensations are to be enjoyed." — Sugar_Rush

One word to help you power through interval sprints:
"Cheeseburger." — NikkiRuby

Thanks for sharing everyone and keep on moving!


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