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Sara15165388 Sara15165388 3 years
I love seeing fitness programs that work and recently spotted employing one of the toughest training tools into his already stellar fitness routine, Hollywood A-lister, Mathew McCounghey using the T-90 advised weight training vest, to up the Bad-Ass fight-factor on fat and power his cardio endurance. "These vests are incredible, I have been using mine regularly for 3 of my 'T-90 Advanced Physical Program' sessions each week since October. My run times without the vest have improved, strength and muscle endurance is definitely on the consistent improvement track and as for the mental conditioning... all I can promise is that the rewards and performance gains are worth the 'sux-factor' of the sessions." Here is a sample Sunday Session, with or without vest you will have a great workout, but with vest it adds a whole elite dimension to the session. WARMUP without vest- RUN 1.5miles/2.4km > 9:00min WORK LOAD- (with weight vest complete the following against the clock): REPEAT 4 rounds of 50 air squats (full depth, hip crease below knee) 25 pushups (belly to floor every rep) 25 walking lunges 10 Toes to bar COOLDOWN without vest-RUN 1.5miles/2.4km > 9:00min SPB Celebrity Trainer Tip: as you complete this session with improvements in your warmup,cooldown runs and your workload times, try wearing the weight vest for the full session. You will see massive improvements overall in a very short space of time. Remember to keep your performance log up to date so you can see your improvements over time. A great motivation tool and important for isolating platues and/or potential motivational issues. Checkout
qssupplies4u qssupplies4u 5 years
Mirranda Kerr, even after giving the baby she is fit
Gypsy2011 Gypsy2011 5 years
I Love Jessica Biel! Wish I could hike to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro one day:(
yayoknay yayoknay 5 years
do you foam roll? helps stretch and lengthen muscles
couwy couwy 5 years
I just don't buy Tracy Anderson. She admonishes the use of weights and perpetuates the myth that women "bulk up" from using them. For the record, she says the same about running. Not sure what her diet plan is like, but I've seen some clips of her videos and they look silly and ineffective.
mytmo2000 mytmo2000 5 years
How could you forget about Brooke Burke? She should be #1. She has four children (from her body) and is in phenomenal shape! In her late 30's, her body looks better than 20-somethings. Go Brooke!!!
Giasbash6260 Giasbash6260 5 years
I Love Kelly Ripa!
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