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Why Weights?

Some women fear strength training, but lifting weights twice weekly will probably not get you Madonna's arms. So don't skip it; there are many reasons to add resistance training to your fitness routine and here's a new one. Combo workouts that include both cardio and strength training are more effective at curbing appetites, which for most of us is a good thing.

Participants in two 16-week studies performed in South Africa and the US who combined aerobic and strength training elements in all their workouts had the greatest control over their intake of carbs, fats, protein, and overall calories when compared with groups who did these two forms of exercise independently. Recently we learned that running had a greater impact on appetite reduction than weight training, but now it looks like combined they are even more effective. Researchers feel that the one-two punch of cardio and weights somehow alters the metabolism making exercisers feel full sooner.

Next workout warm up with 20 minutes of cardio and keep your heart rate up with a circuit workout. If you need a workout to follow, I have a few circuit workouts for you to try.


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