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World Water Day: $1 for Water in NYC

Tomorrow is the U.N. World Water Day, which is in place to help spread awareness of a global health issue that not everyone has clean, safe drinking water available to them. A few hundred NYC eateries are getting on board to help spread the awareness too.

Diners at 225 restaurants around the city will be asked to pay $1 for the tap water that arrives with their meal. Since many of us take the availability of drinking water for granted, as it is free and readily available; $1 is something small we can all do. The money raised will be donated to UNICEF's Tap Project, an initiative aimed at bringing fresh, safe water to the children of the developing world. If you live in NYC and you're going to be eating out tomorrow, get water instead of a coke. You'll be taking in way less calories and you're helping to support a good cause.

Don't live in NYC? There are many other ways to support the cause and provide funds for getting safe drinking water around the globe. My personal favorite is, where 100 percent of your donation goes to freshwater well projects in Africa and just $20 can provide clean water to someone who needs it for 15 years.

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llendril llendril 10 years
wow. thanks for bringing to my attention
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 10 years
Damn I wish I were there! I'm home with my parents right now, but usually water is a buck with a few too many cents. But if you go to the Chinese bakeries they sell 1.5 liter water bottles for a dollar all the time!
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