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Would Pepper Spray Make You Feel Safe on Outdoor Runs?

Would Your Outdoor Workouts Feel Safer With Pepper Spray?

I've never felt scared running alone in the woods near my house because I follow these tips for solo trail running, but recently an aggressive dog went after my sweet little goldendoodle, and it left us pretty shaken up. Even though my loud cursing scared the dog away, I immediately called the police, who responded, "Get yourself some pepper spray."

After reading the comments left on a FitSugar Facebook post, "Have you ever been scared while exercising outdoors?" I've realized that dogs aren't the only things people fear during outdoor workouts. Rattlesnakes, moose, coyotes, bears, and suspicious-looking people are just a few reasons someone might carrying protection when exercising alone. Would pepper spray make you feel safer?

Source: Flickr User SmartGoat

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bugo bugo 5 years
I get a lot of people making inappropriate comments and sometimes pulling over to hit on me. (Seriously, how do they expect that to work out?) Anyway, my neighbor has a large, hyper, all black shepherd mix who works beautifully as man repellent!
SaraNoH SaraNoH 5 years
Since I live in the middle of the desert the only things that could attack me are: snakes (run away), coyotes (they're more afraid of people so just keep on strollin' by), javalinas (yeah.... run) and once there was a mountain lion in my neighborhood, in which case back out and make yourself big. I'll rely on my legs and intuition thank you very much.
bjeanne18 bjeanne18 5 years
Yes! when I run any time other than the busiest part of the day I clip pepper spray to me... you have to know to look the opposite direction when you spray (in case it's windy, so you don't get any in your own eyes) -- but having some form of protection is important especially as a woman. I also have my phone and my Road ID bracelet!
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