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Would You Consider Back Fat Surgery?

We all have those little areas on our bodies that we'd like to change. Some people turn to dieting, some people exercise, and others consider plastic surgery. If back fat is your enemy, there's a new surgery known as the bra-line back lift designed to get rid of those bumps and rolls of skin on your back, sort of like a face lift or tummy tuck. Go in with rolls and leave with smoother, even skin.

It's not so much designed for slightly overweight people who carry their fat on their backs; it's more for people who've lost an extreme amount of weight or who have saggy skin from aging or too much sun exposure. After the surgery, you're left with a scar that a bra or bathing suit would hide. The procedure will run you from $7,500 to $10,000, so a flat back doesn't come cheap. Tell me . . .


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