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Since I have allergies, traveling away from my trigger-free home can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Not only do I have to deal with cats on the plane, but new locations mean new plant pollens, dust, and mold. So what's an allergy-suffering girl to do?

Some hotels, including Marriott, are offering allergy-free hotel rooms, using a system called Pure Room. Visitors can opt for specially treated rooms with bedding, carpets, and AC systems free from contaminants. The rooms come with air purifiers to make breathing easier, and the mattresses and pillows are encased in covers to fend off dust mites. Also, the carpets and upholstery are treated with ozone shock treatment to kill mold and bacteria.

Since it's estimated that one third of people who stay in a hotel end up having an allergic reaction, this is a brilliant and much-needed improvement. The Pure Room isn't available at all Marriott Hotels, but you can call ahead to find out. Each room is only about $20 more a night, so tell me, would you pay more for an allergy-free room?


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