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Writing Down Fitness Actions Has More Impact Than Writing Down Fitness Reasons

Get Motivated: Actions Speak Louder Than Reasons

The mere act of taking some time to write down what you want to do for exercise each week could actually help you accomplish getting moving. In fact, recent research has found that people who write down what actions they are going to take each week to exercise (join a gym, run at the track, etc.), rather than just the reasons why they want to exercise (get healthy, lose weight, etc.) were inspired to exercise more. As a result, the folks who wrote about their actions saw their fitness levels skyrocket.

You're well on your way by reading FitSugar, and hopefully you've started a fitness journal. But why not go a step further and start your own fitness blog on OnSugar? It's free, and blogging is fun (trust me, I know), and it could help motivate you to get to the gym more. Who knows? Maybe you'll even end up motivating someone else to hit the gym too!


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bethinabox bethinabox 8 years
So it's a few days after the post, but oh well. I just took your advice and started a blog on onsugar! I typed a ridiculously long entry (1400-some words. I copied it into word...hehe.) But it feels good to talk about how I've started working out!
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i have to admit that the one thing that does help me is setting some type of mileage goal - and that's kind of what gets me to workout more. i have a goal to do 100 miles a week - regardless of what the exercise is - biking, running, elliptical - just something. i used to be on a blog where we'd record our goals and how we're doing each day and i think that it's really motivating to have a buddy who you try to keep up with. when you have someone pushing you then you see that you have more strength than you initially thought
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