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Are your ready for the next Yoga Challenge? The last one, Eagle pose, was all about balance, and this one is all about power and strength. That's why it's called Goddess.

Not only does this pose make you feel strong and beautiful, it helps to open your chest and hips. It also works your hamstrings and calves and the muscles in your gorgeous booty. When you strengthen the muscles in your thighs and lower legs, it helps to strengthen your knees as well. This pose involves your entire body, which is why I love it.

Be sure to get a friend to snap a picture of you doing it. Then go to THE YOGA CHALLENGE Group. If you're not a member yet, just click on the word "Subscribe," on the left-hand side. Then to post your picture, click "Create & Share," and then click on "Blog." Write a title, some keywords, upload your picture in the body (add some words if you want) and then click "Submit."

Here's how to get into Goddess:

  • Begin at the front of your mat in Mountain pose.
  • Step open to the right, so there are about 3 feet between your toes. Turn your heels in.
  • Bend your knees and squat down, eventually bringing your thighs parallel to the ground. Your knees should be directly over your ankles, so adjust your feet if you need to.
  • When you're ready, lift your arms up, bending your elbows so they are at 90 degree angles, opening your palms away from you.
  • Stay here for 5 breaths, or more if you love it.

I can't wait to check out It's a STRETCH and see your amazing pictures.

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