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YOGA CHALLENGE: Standing Bound Split

How's it going fellow yogis? Have you been opening your hamstrings practicing the Bound Wide-Legged Forward Bend pose? I hope so because I have a really fun challenge for you.

But wait - before you give this a try, make sure you have a friend ready with a camera to take your picture.

Then visit the YOGA CHALLENGE Group.

My favorite will be posted right here on FitSugar!

Are you ready for Standing Bound Split?

  • Start in Bound Wide-Legged Forward Bend, and step your feet closer together, so they're underneath your hips.
  • Shift your weight into your left leg (or whichever leg is not bound).
  • Slowly lift your bound leg up off the ground.
  • You can keep it bent and work on staying balanced, or try to straighten your leg.
  • If your leg is straight, try looking away from your leg.
  • Just reverse the steps to come out of it and then try the other side.

How'd it go? I had a tough time staying balanced - every time I tried to straighten my leg, I tipped over. Want to see my bloopers? Then






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JessNess JessNess 10 years
uh uh not going to happen for me. Thats a lot of body and leg for me to try to lift
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