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Yoga For Any Mood

The Best Yoga Moves For Any Situation

Tired, stressed, or hungover? Yoga to the rescue! Our friends at Self have a few moves for you, no matter what your mood.

The promises of yoga are sometimes almost unbelievable: You'll be fitter, slimmer, more energized! You'll sleep better, boost your mood, lengthen muscles, improve flexibility and have a better sex life! And the list goes on.

What you'll gain from a regular yoga practice ultimately depends on lots of factors. We rounded up some of our favorite problem-solving asanas!


When you're still half asleep
Mornings are tough, we get that. Set your alarm only five minutes earlier than usual and you can get your sun salutations on with these poses to help you wake up — even before coffee!

When you're buggin' out
You'll stress less after a Restorative Yoga session or even just a few restorative moves, which are designed to stretch tired and tight muscles and relax the mind and body.

When you want to look long and lean
The secret to those Victoria's Secret model bodies? Yoga. No surprise there! To get the look, follow the stiletto-clad footsteps of Angels Candace Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge.

When you need a boost
Let's say you have a killer day at work and you just want to put on your PJs and binge on Orange Is the New Black, but you promised your girls you'd go out tonight. Pick up steam with these energizing yoga poses.

When you're feelin' frisky
Can yoga REALLY improve your sex life? Well, flexibility is pretty hot, plus yoga moves have been shown to boost circulation, which in turn can improve sex. So show off a little Downward Dog and maybe a Bridge Pose and see where things lead . . .

When you're maybe a wee bit hungover (oops)
Those vodka tonics get the best of ya? Stimulate the internal organs with this pose (no crazy remedies here). And may we suggest a good ol' glass of water?

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