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Yoga Class Etiquette

Whether you're planning on going to your first yoga class or you've been to a million, there are some things every good yogini needs to know. This way, you'll be able to respect the teacher, and respect yourself as well.

  • Wear clean clothes: Some teachers assist you in postures, and you wouldn't want them to have to smell your stinky previously sweat in outfit. How embarrassing.
  • Don't be late: Show up at least 10 minutes before the class begins so you can get yourself ready and find a spot to put your mat. You need a few minutes to switch gears, release the thoughts of the day, and calm your body and mind. It's also disrespectful to the teacher and the other students when you stumble in late and disrupt class.
  • Tell the instructor of injuries: If you have any injuries or special health conditions, let the teacher know before class. That way, if you've recently had knee surgery, they'll understand why you're not bending your knee deeply in Warrior pose, and they can show you a modification. Also, if you prefer NOT being adjusted in poses, let them know in a polite way.
  • Bring your own mat: If you don't have one, you can definitely borrow or rent one from the studio. Make sure you ASK where they are, so you don't take one that is for sale by the studio. After your first few classes, it's time to purchase your own mat. That way you won't have to worry about other people's sweat, germs and bacteria making you sick.

Want to know what's the MOST IMPORTANT thing you should know? Then

  • TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE: This is huge. We practice yoga to get away from the outside world. No one wants a ringing phone to shatter her or his bubble of serenity. Plus, you owe it to yourself to have an hour and a half of quiet too.
  • Don't wear strong scented perfumes or lotions: The lotion is just a bad idea in general because once you start to sweat a little, you'll be slipping and sliding on your mat. Others may be sensitive or allergic to certain smells, and when you're all breathing in a small room, you don't need anyone having an asthma attack on account of you.
  • Don't make a scene: If you need to leave class to go to the bathroom or blow your nose or whatever, just quietly walk out, do your thing, and come back. You don't need to ask the teacher's permission.
  • Don't talk to your friends during class: No, you're not going to get detention, but you'll definitely upset the people around you. Plus, the whole point of a yoga class is to bring your awareness inward. You can't do that when you're whispering about something stupid your boyfriend did.
  • Don't skip Savasana: If you need to leave early, that's okay. Just let the teacher know before class, but DON"T make a habit out of it. Savasana is the time at the end of class where you get to rest from all the hard work you did, and relax from your long day. When you skip it, you're missing out on an extremely important part of class, not too mention disrespecting the teacher and annoying the other students who are trying to rest.

Fit's Tips: Many studios have other rules as well, like leaving your shoes outside the studio.

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