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Yoga Motivation Tips

7 Ways to Kiss Your Yoga Rut Goodbye

Finding the motivation to head to the gym can be a struggle, and making your way to a yoga studio is no different. But when things get difficult, some of the most powerful transformations take place. Whether you've taken some serious time off or the poses just don't move you the way they used to, needing a little refresher is nothing to be embarrassed about. There are plenty of ways to help you shift gears and get you deep into your yoga groove.

  1. Try a new style: You may consider yourself a Hatha or Bikram gal through and through, but switching things up can breathe new life into a stale practice. No need to commit to a new studio or break the bank from buying a ton of classes at once; plenty of studios offer awesome introductory offers for yoginis who want to test the waters.
  2. Grab some tunes: If you practice on your own at home, then grab a new playlist. Music has an incomparable power to move us. Not sure where to start? Our Sun Salutation playlist with soothing sounds from artists like Norah Jones and Zach Deputy may be up your alley.
  3. Talk to your teacher: That's what they're around for! If you've been having a hard time showing up or enjoying your yoga, then talk to a teacher you trust. Not only will they be able to offer expert insight, but they'll also be able to connect with your struggle. No one is infallible, and everyone has days where going into a deep Downward Dog just seems tough.
  4. Relax into it: The more you focus on what you are or aren't doing, the harder getting back into a posture is going to be. Quit having expectations, and try to remember what made you feel so great about yoga to begin with. Go into your practice with this mentality, and give yourself a break!

Keep reading for three more ways to kiss your yoga rut goodbye.

  1. Cultivate meditation: A solid meditation practice will help you reconnect and relax. If you haven't started your day with meditation, then try to get to your class a few minutes early in order to hang out on your mat and simply breathe. Not feeling rushed when you start moving through all the Asanas will bring you a welcome sense of peace.
  2. Practice at a new time: If your routine has constantly called for a post-work class, then try to wake up early and start your day in flow. Even if you're at the same studio, sometimes all you need a little shift in the environment to redefine your practice.
  3. Take it outside: The season calls for it! Summer weather is an awesome excuse to take your indoor practice right outside. Go to a park with some friends, hit the beach — simply find a scene that stirs you. Breathing fresh air as you work through a series of postures is wildly underrated. Here are tips for taking your yoga practice outside.

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