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The Telltale Signs Yoga Has Taken Over Your Life

Jun 27 2014 - 3:31pm

When you're a dedicated yogi, it can feel like everything somehow relates back to your practice! As a brand-new student, you can't even begin to imagine the ways your yoga practice evolves and how it shapes and changes your day-to-day life — even outside the studio. Here's what you have to look forward to . . . or watch out for.

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You're constantly checking in with your breath.

A few deep belly breaths can transform your mood.

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You rest in Child's Pose whenever you feel like it.

Any pressure to "perform" in class is long gone. You do what you want when it feels right!

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Your co-workers are not phased by you jumping back into Downward Dog at the office.

It's a regular occurrence they've grown to accept as an enchanting quirk.

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You're always lugging around your mat.

And it gets in the way. All the time.

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When class is challenging, you no longer get mad at your teacher.

Or you catch yourself when you're tensing up and displace anger . . . We're only human, right?

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The direction to "focus on your third eye" actually makes sense.

But can still be creepy.

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You remember the feeling of flying in your first arm balance.

Even if it was only for a few moments of bliss!

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You've dabbled in vegetarianism.

Your favorite teacher explained that giving up meat helps support your practice . . . and the planet.

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Then veganism.

There were lots of salads.

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You roll out your mat when you have a headache . . .

You trust that these reliable poses [11] will ease your pain.

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You roll out your mat when you're having a hard time . . .

It can be hard to drag yourself to the studio, but you're always happier once you've practiced.

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Let's be real: you roll out your mat whenever it's humanly possible.

When you're doing yoga, you feel happier, more connected, and more relaxed. How can you argue with that?!

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