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Yoga Pose of the Week: Crow

How to Do Crow Pose (You Know You Want to Know!)

I love yoga poses that both challenge my sense of balance and work on my strength, like this one called Crow. I know it looks really hard, but once you break it down step by step and practice it a lot, you'll be flying like a crow in no time. Not only does it feel amazing to be balancing solely on your hands, but this pose really works your core and upper body, so it'll make you feel strong inside and out.

This pose is ultimately done with your arms straight, which takes a ton of upper body and abdominal strength. Once you can do this easily with your elbows bent then you can work on straightening your arms.

Sanskrit Name: Bakasana
English Translation: Crane Pose
Also Called: Crow Pose
  • Begin in a Wide Squat. Place your palms firmly on the ground in front of you. Be sure to spread your fingers as wide as you can, and press into your fingertips to release any pressure in your wrists.
  • Now straighten your legs slightly and place your knees as high up onto your triceps as possible, toward your armpits.
  • Shift your weight forward into your hands and see if you can lean the weight of your knees into the backs of your arms. Then try lifting one foot off the ground and then the other. If you can bring your toes together, you'll feel more compact and it'll be easier to balance. Squeeze your knees together slightly and pull your belly button in towards your spine to give you a sense of lightness.
  • Stay here for five breaths or you can work on straightening your arms. It's OK if you lose your balance and fall over. It took me a ton of tries to be able to stay balanced. Just keep trying!
  • After you've had enough, release your feet down to the ground and come into Child's pose to give your lower back and upper body a break. Then do these two wrist stretches to increase flexibility in your hands and wrists.
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