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Yoga Poses For Hikers

4 Essential Yoga Poses For Hardcore Hikers

Whether you're an avid hiker or you enjoy the occasional trek, a strenuous hike puts a strain on the body. The more you strengthen your body, though, the more stamina you'll have when out on a big hike. Trust me when I say that all of your sore muscles will thank you for the extra love that comes from each of these yoga poses.


For opening up your thighs, knees, and ankles, Hero pose will be your savior. Your body might also be ready for the full expression of Sleeping Hero pose, but if it's too much at this point, then don't fret. Simply staying grounded with your tush between your heels while breathing deep will help give your tired legs some relief.

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

Getting into Pigeon pose might stress out yoga newbies, but it's an integral pose for a hiker's health. Not only does it open up the hip flexors and rotators to help keep your hips happy, but it also can soothe a sore lower back. Make sure to hold Pigeon for an extended amount of time — at least three minutes on each side! — in order to really get the most out of it.

Keep reading for two more poses for hikers.


If your lower back is in need of a little extra attention, then Locust pose should be your go-to move. It may look relaxing, but it's a very active pose that will work to strengthen your spine and tighten up your backside.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Perhaps the most well-known yoga pose of them all is Downward Facing Dog; this basic shape can do wonders to work a hiker's body. As your arches lift and your feet sink toward the mat, you're giving a serious stretch to the soles of your feet. Release any strain in your neck by tucking your chin in toward your chest; it will help lengthen the back of your body. Just a few breaths in this pose can make all the difference.

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