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Want to Become More Flexible? Do This Yoga Sequence

May 14 2016 - 7:30am

Don't take your aching, tight back lying down! Fight back with the gentle yet effective power of yoga. Relief could be as simple as increasing flexibility in your spine, and this yoga sequence will help to stretch and elongate the muscles in the torso. Becoming more bendy not only eases pain, but it also improves your posture, making your tummy look trimmer. Complete these 14 poses once on the right side and then on the left.

Relaxed Down Dog

This easy version of Downward Facing Dog [1] allows you to target the back more than the hamstrings.

Arching Three-Legged Dog

This variation of Three-Legged Dog [2] involves bending the knee of your top leg, increasing the flexibility in your hip flexors, spine, and hamstrings.

Wild Thing

Strong and poised like a ballerina, this pose is an advanced version of Extended Tabletop [3].

Wild Thing

Continue working the same muscles as you flip around and flow into Wild Thing on the other side.

Arching Pigeon

Open hip flexors are a must for spinal flexibility, so here's a pose that will target the front of the hips as well as offer a nice stretch for the front of the body.

Revolved Pigeon

This pose will continue to open the hips as well as offer a deep spinal twist.


A classic backbend, Camel [5] also helps open tight shoulders.

King Pigeon

This pose is similar to Cobra [6], but bending the knees will help to deepen the stretch.

Half Bound Squat

This hip-opening squat variation offers a nice lower back release as well as a deep stretch for the chest and shoulders.

Half Wheel

Another classic backbend, this is a prep for Full Wheel Pose [8] that'll open the shoulders as well as the muscles in the front of the body.

Two-Legged Inverted Staff Pose

Here's an advanced backbend [9] that targets the upper spine.

One-Legged Inverted Staff

Here's a more challenging variation of Two-Legged Inverted Staff Pose [11] that'll help to strengthen the upper legs.


The most basic backbend [12], this challenging pose not only increases flexibility in the spine, it also strengthens the upper body.

Eagle Twist

Here's a relaxing way to increase side-to-side spinal flexibility.

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