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Yoga Products You Don't Need

Don't Waste Your Dough on These Yogic Products

Like running, yoga doesn't take a whole lot of fancy equipment. All you truly need are a good yoga mat and a comfortable outfit that keeps you covered and dry. But with yoga's growing popularity, it seems like more and more yoga-focused products are cropping up. Here are a few you could live without.

Round Yoga Mat
Unless you practice partner yoga, attend Mommy and Me classes, or go to a specific type of class where a round Mandala yoga mat is a necessity, save your $70. The extra mat circumference isn't necessary since most instructors teach using a traditional rectangular-shaped mat. Studio space is also tight, and it would be inconsiderate to take up so much room with a circular mat. If you do invest in one of these six-foot round mats, you can't use a basic yoga bag, so purchasing a square-shaped bag would be another investment you'd have to make. So although intriguing, a circular mat isn't worth the money.

Keep reading to find out what other yoga products aren't worth the dough.

Mat Spray
Having trouble choosing between lavender, geranium, or rosemary mat spray? I'm all for aromatherapy as well as practicing on a clean, germ-free mat, but spritzes from a $12 to $20 bottle of mat spray are like misting money down the drain. First of all, a little spritz isn't going to do much to disinfect a dirty mat, and second of all, they tend to leave a residue that makes your mat dangerously slippery the next time you practice. A simple solution of soap and water is the best and least expensive way to clean your mat.

Yoga Socks or Gloves
In my many years of teaching and taking classes, every so often a student comes to class wearing yoga toe socks or gloves. While some people prize these products for the extra grip, having material on the hands and feet is restrictive and doesn't allow you to feel fully connected to the Earth — both physically and mentally. It can also make your hands and feet sweat more, which can actually cause more slipping, not to mention it's another thing you have to wash. If you're slipping on the mat you're currently using, save the $15 you thought of spending on these gloves and socks and put it toward a mat that has a stickier surface. The only reason you should buy these is if you plan on practicing on a bare floor with no mat (a great option for frequent travelers).

Source: Mandala Yoga Mat

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