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Yoga Stretch and Tell: We Were Willing to Try Anything

Yoga Stretch and Tell. It's a place to share stories, questions, tips, and celebrations about yoga. Have you had a funny, emotional, AWFUL, or awesome experience in a yoga class? Why not tell the world?

I have an embarrassing story to share - well, not embarrassing for me, but totally an awful, life-altering experience for my friend Suzy.

We were taking a Vinyasa class one night. About halfway through the class, the instructor was having us go up against the wall and practice doing this crazy headstand where you lift your head off the ground and turn it into forearm stand. Not easy - but we were willing to try anything.

Everyone was upside down and then all of a sudden - we heard a loud "THUMP." We all stood up quickly and found Suzy totally knotted up, her back against the wall, her head on the ground, and her legs in the air. She looked like a car wreck.

I helped her up and she gasped. I looked over at what she saw and couldn't believe it - Her butt had slammed so hard into the wall that it left a HUGE dent. And really - she's a small girl, so it could have happened to anyone.

She was mortified. The instructor came over, and sweetly said, "Well, at least you can say you tried and that's all that matters." Well, that's true, but when most people try difficult poses - it doesn't leave a mark.

Whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? Suzy wasn't too sure about that one.

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rubialala rubialala 10 years
:ROTFL: That's a great story!
mandiesoh mandiesoh 10 years
OMG :rotfl: :rotfl: that must have been awful for her!! HAHAH but this cracked me up. OH MAN
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