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Yoga Tips For Healthy Eating

3 Tips to Bring Your Yoga Mind to Mealtime

As a media guest at the recent Yoga Journal Conference in San Francisco, I attended a wonderful workshop led by Baxter Bell, aptly titled "Yoga For Healthy Eating." A former family physician turned full-time yoga teacher, Baxter presented a compelling case on how a yogi's practice can be taken off the mat in order to support a healthier relationship with food.

Stop stressing: Baxter explains, "The body always wins." If you aren't acting in accordance with what it needs, it's bound to rebel. Making conscious choices about the kind of fuel that makes your body run at its peak potential will help curb many digestive issues. Partner with your body, slow down, and start becoming more aware of your eating habits.

Full vs. satisfied: The experience of feeling full and feeling satisfied are very different things. Feeling full comes on strong and leaves our body with a sense of discomfort, while "satisfying our body's hunger center and energy needs" is a totally different experience, Baxter says. Whether you limit your portions with a stricter eye or simply slow down between bites, becoming mindful of the sensation of satisfaction will help you combat weight-loss or digestive struggles.

Keep reading for one more way to bring your yoga mind to mealtime.

Be patient with prep: One of the many benefits of consistent yoga is a new quality of patience, both with those around you and yourself. If you're serious about getting healthy and changing your relationship with food, you've got to be patient with the process of food preparation. Baxter suggests treating food preparation like a meditation. Instead of focusing on the end goal, give yourself enough time to relax during the food prep process while you're cooking up something delicious and supportive of your body's needs.

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