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Yoga Video of Scissor Legs Side Crow to One-Legged Arm Balance

Strike a Yoga Pose: Scissor Legs Side Crow to One-Legged Arm Balance

I've shown you all some pretty advanced arm balancing poses found in yoga; one being Scissor Legs Side Crow, a balancing spinal twisting pose where your legs are scissored out to the side. In another arm balance, One-Legged Arm Balance, you balance on your hands while your legs are in a split position. After experimenting with both poses, it's really fun to work on switching from one to the other without letting your feet touch the floor. It's a challenge but well worth the work.

To see how to do it, watch this video after you


Music: "Infusion" by Adham Shaikh
  • Begin by getting into Straight Legs Side Crow, with your outer left thigh resting on your right elbow. Then bring your right leg behind you, scissoring your legs, coming into Scissor Legs Side Crow. Hold for a second or two.
  • Then bring your right leg forward and slide it in front of your left leg so your inner right thigh is now resting on your right elbow. Slide your left leg off your right elbow and bring it behind you. Your legs are now in a split, and you're in One-Legged Arm Balance pose. Hold for a second or two.
  • When you're ready, step your right leg back, coming into Four-Limbed Staff pose. Inhale to Upward Facing Dog, and exhale to Downward Facing Dog. Now try this sequence on the other side.
pinkmermaid23 pinkmermaid23 7 years
You may have slight inflammation in your wrists from putting weight into them while practicing. Try ice for a little while to see if it helps. Also, while practicing arm balances really try to focus on distributing the weight of your body through out your whole hand (think about pushing down each individual finger tip and knuckle.)
CecilyTechuan CecilyTechuan 8 years
So, I see I'm not alone in the comments here with not even being able to *begin* to be able to do this. I have the same problem with Crane pose...I can hardly get in it before I crash. FitSugar - Please help us figure out how to train for a difficult weight-bearing balance like Crane or Crow. Thanks!
AndreaT AndreaT 8 years
Hey Fit, question -- I've been practicing crows a lot lately and I noticed that my wrists were a little sore when I went to go do them in my practice this morning. It's only my left, and it's only when I'm doing side crow on that side. (It's fine with regular crow.) I'm not sure if it's just because I'm doing something I used to shy away from and the muscles around my joints are just weak...? Maybe my alignment is totally off (since it's only the one wrist)? My elbows are over my wrists though.... Where should I be putting my weight in this? It might be that.... I'd ask my yoga instructor ... but I can't because there aren't any out here in East Begeezus : ) Thanks!
amandaaa amandaaa 8 years
will try some time. in dance (hip hop), these would be called "stalls." =]
Advah Advah 8 years
I'm nowhere near even close to doing that pose, but that was a beautiful video!! :o
redsilkshoes redsilkshoes 8 years
While i can't switch legs and scissor, I can do it split at first. I think that basic crow is harder.
bleached bleached 8 years
Holy cow. I can't even do the crow pose without falling on my head. No way this is ever going to happen...
ashantixoxo ashantixoxo 8 years
wowwww.... hey Fit ever thought of trying capoeira??
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
That is intense!! No way I can do it.
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