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Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Mat Towel

When taking a Pilates or Yoga class, some people are just seriously prone to sweating, adding new dimensions to the term "sweating buckets."

Sweating is a good thing since it helps to cool your body and to release toxins.
But if you are sweating a lot, it can be really dangerous. You may end up slipping into positions that exceed your personal edge. It won't feel good when you accidentally slip all the way into a full split, when you were only intending on a gentle stretch for your hamstrings.

Rugs are an option, but I find their texture to be a little too rough. Plus due to their thickness, they never dry fast enough and end up a bit smelly. So they need to be washed frequently, and from my experience the odor never really goes away.

I recommend placing a thin towel over the top of your mat underneath your hands to prevent slipping. Or better yet, get a towel that covers your entire mat.

This one from Yogitoes is made of highly absorbent microfiber with comfortable nubs that provide traction and grip so you feel secure in your postures.

They're a great idea because they're easy to clean and dry. Unfortunately, they don't come cheap. You'll pay $64 to soak up your sweat and prevent slippage.

What do you think? Is this something you'd ever use? Let's talk about it in FitSugar's group, Yoga Stretch and Tell.

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