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Yogurt Breakdown

Recently I did a post on Stonyfield Farms 2-a-Day yogurt. And scratch5 made a comment that sparked a question in my mind - How do all the yogurt brands compare?

Keep in mind that some yogurts contain modified food starch, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, and other not so healthy ingredients, so check the label.

Here are some popular brands of yogurt, with their calories, total fat, sugars, and protein. I compared them all in Strawberry flavor, but realized that not all yogurt comes in 6 oz containers (I specified if they didn't):

Breyer's Light (8 oz): 110 cals, 1.5g fat, 10g sugar, 8g protein
Breyer's Creme Savers (8 oz): 240 cals, 3.5g fat, 36g sugar, 7g protein
Breyer's Fruit on the Bottom (8 oz): 240 cals, 2g fat, 39g sugar, 8g protein
Brown Cow No Fat: 130 cals, 0g fat, 24g sugar, 7g protein
Brown Cow Lowfat: 150 cals, 2g fat, 25g sugar, 6g protein
Brown Cow Cream Top: 180 cals, 6g fat, 27g sugar, 5g protein
Cabot Nonfat: 130 cals, 0g fat, 19g sugar, 8g protein
Colombo Light (8 oz): 120 cals, 0g fat, 15g sugar, 7g protein
Colombo Classic (8 oz): 230 cals, 2g fat, 42g sugar, 7g protein
Dannon All Natural (3.3 oz): 110 cals, 1g fat, 19g sugar, 5g protein
Dannon Fruit Blends: 170 cals, 1.5g fat, 30g sugar, 6g protein
Dannon La Creme (4 oz): 140 cals, 5g fat, 18g sugar, 5g protein
Fage Total Classic (7 oz): 260 cals, 20g fat, 6g sugar, 12g protein

Want to see the rest? Then

Horizon Organic Fat Free: 140 cals, 0g fat, 27g sugar, 7g protein
Horizon Organic Lowfat: 170 cals, 2g fat, 30g sugar, 7g protein
Liberte: 160 cals, 4g fat, 12g sugar, 12g protein
Silk Soy: 160 cals, 2g fat, 22g sugar, 4g protein
Stonyfield Farms Fat Free: 140 cals, 0g fat, 26g sugar, 7g protein
Stonyfield Farms Low fat: 130 cals, 1.5g fat, 22g sugar, 6g protein
Stonyfield Farms Whole Milk: 190 cals, 6g fat, 24g sugar, 6g protein
Wallaby Organic Nonfat: 140 cals, 0g fat, 20g sugar, 7g protein
Wallaby Organic Lowfat: 150 cals, 2.5g fat, 21g sugar, 7g protein
Whole Soy & Co.: 160 cals, 3g fat, 21g sugar, 6g protein
Woodstock Water Buffalo Milk: 174 cals, 9g fat, 19g sugar, 5g protein
Yoplait Light: 100 cals, 0g fat, 14g sugar, 5g protein
Yoplait Original: 170 cals, 1.5g fat, 27g sugar, 5g protein
Yoplait Whips (4 oz): 140 cals, 2.5g fat, 21g sugar, 5g protein
Yoplait Thick & Creamy Custard Style: 190 cals, 3.5g fat, 28g sugar, 7g protein

Join The Conversation
Trinigal Trinigal 10 years
Danon's Light and fit is very good too. It comes in a smaller container.But contains: 40 calories and ONLY 5 grams of sugar
misstiffie misstiffie 10 years
I only eat yoplait light, I do wanna try Dannon Activa tho.
mandiesoh mandiesoh 10 years
i try to avoid eating jams actually cos they still contain too much sugar, but its fine for me cos i like my stuff plain! :p oh, and you're right about the tea. i used to work in coffeebean and thats where i learnt the joys of drinking tea without anything added :)
Fitness Fitness 10 years
Yeah, I hear you bpjedi - companies LOVE to put unnecessary sugar in everything they can.
bpjedi bpjedi 10 years
I'm with you, cemp1979. For that reason, I only buy plain, organic, nonfat yogurt, and then add fruit or granola if I want it a bit sweeter. Buying it plain also means I can use in in savory dishes wherever I'd use sour cream. It is also a lot cheaper to buy it by the the quart, as plain yogurt is often sold (It is also environmentally conscious, as there's less packaging this way, and the large yogurt containers are easily reused). It is also really easy to find jams and jellies that are only sweetened by fruit juice, and natural peanut (and other nut butters) that don't contain sugar at all. I also found that most teas don't require sugar if they aren't over-brewed. I actually love desserts (especially homemade cookies), but basically try to keep sugar out of places where I don't need it, and keep an eye out for sugar when buying anything processed (high fructose corn syrup is everywhere!). It has been pretty easy, actually.
mandiesoh mandiesoh 10 years
mmmmmm yogurt....
bessa bessa 10 years
La Creme is SO yummy. I know it has fat in it, but to me, it's more like eating ice cream then yogurt. I eat it often now that I'm pregnant to ensure I get my dairy allotment. Fage has 20 grams of fat!? Holy cow - I need to try to lower fat versions of Fage. If I did try the classic, I'm sure I'd fall in love with it - it's got to be like eating cream.
puddinpie puddinpie 10 years
I eat the Fage Total yogurt all the time. So good!
CAcyclegirl CAcyclegirl 10 years
I think the important thing to remember with yogurt is that sugar content is often very high. It is recommended that people eat 10 teaspoons (or 40 grams) of sugar a day at most. The average American typically consumes nearly 20 teaspoons a day! Also, there has been a lot of attention paid to the "type" of sugar that you eat but the bottom line is that your body processes sugars as sugars whether it be from juice, fruit, or corn syrup. By eating many of these yogurts you are eating 1/2 or more of your daily recommended allowance of sugar. The Center for Science in the Public Interest is a good source for information about this but I just think it's important that people pay more attention to sugars in general. Sometimes we don't pay attention to it as much as we should, especially in something like yogurt because it is often viewed as "health food."
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