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Yoplait Lids for Lives Campaign: Cool or Not?

I am all for < ahre="">retail philanthropy. I buy (and giveaway) pink ribbon products with a portion of the proceeds going to breast cancer research and support. Truth is, that some purchases don't really add up to much of a donation for your breast cancer organization of choice; it just seems like you should give money directly to the source.

The Yoplait Lids for Lives campaign definitely has its heart in the right place, but it seems a little more like a marketing tool than a fund raising project. All you have to do is eat Yoplait yogurt with a pink lid and save the lid. Wash the lid and flatten it. Put it in an envelope. Mail the lid or lids to El Paso, Texas. Then Yoplait will donate 10 cents for every lid you send in to the Susan G. Komen for a Cure foundation.

I don't know about you, but I think I would like to just send the Susan G. Komen for a Cure a check directly. I guess if you already eat a lot of pink capped Yoplait yogurt this program makes sense.

What do you think:

brookrene brookrene 9 years
i like the idea, it's different. But i wont buy yoplait because they put High Fructose Corn Syrup in their light products...once i noticed that it totally turned me off. And i see NaCl's comments above and now i really wont buy. :( Change it around Yoplait!
NaCl NaCl 9 years
Yoplait is such a hypocritical company. Many of their "light" products contain aspartame which is a pretty well known carcinogen. If they care so much about curing cancer, then why would they continue to sell products that CAUSE IT?
itsallabouttheg itsallabouttheg 9 years
i think it's a cool opportunity for people to make a contribution from a purchase they would have made anyway. however, i do hate how companies always cap the amount they'll donate. $1,500,000 is 150,000,000 lids sent in, which is surely only a small percentage of total sales.
PrincessTracy PrincessTracy 9 years
That's kinda iffy....i always want to donate to charities but someone always comes along and tries to take advantage of that... Personally I just make the donations myself whenever I can..better for me and my taxes at the end of the year! :)
blondewithbangs blondewithbangs 9 years
Its Yoplaits choise to work it how they want. I usually just save them up on my counter for a few weeks then send them all in at once, its not too much of a big deal.
erinsugar erinsugar 9 years
Yoplait should just donate the money for every purchase - sending in the lids is a waste of money, that yes, we could just donate ourselves!
7kimba7 7kimba7 9 years
I think it's irritating. I would rather them contribute 10 cents from every purchase or I would rather go to a link on yoplait or something and donate that way.
misstsapinay misstsapinay 9 years
It's a good campaign, but seems like too much work to actually send it off. It's like collecting cereal box tops and donating them to schools.
Jivespeaker Jivespeaker 10 years
I think the more donations the better!
matildaforfree matildaforfree 10 years
Their heart is in the right place but it doesn't seem right to be spending more money on postage then the 10 cents they give to the foundation.
atj27 atj27 10 years
I wrote about this last year...I agree with you completely.
almostloli almostloli 10 years
why don't they just donate 10 cents with every pink lids yog purchased by consumers...
millarci millarci 10 years
I still think it's a good campaign. I mean if you already eat the yoplait yogurt why not send the lids? However, I think they should find another way other than sending the lids. Because it's more of a hassel I don't think most people would put the effort.
ktacce ktacce 10 years
ooh clueliss i'd do that more than send them in. i'm admittedly lazy about that. but i do seek out pink products on the shelves, so it is a good marketing ploy.
nikodarling nikodarling 10 years
It's a good idea, but wouldn't it just be easier to donate 10 cents from every yoplait sold. Its not very environmentally friendly this way.
Milisa14919767 Milisa14919767 10 years
great cause, but it would be nice if they'd have a code on the lid that you could input onto a website to redeem then they could donate money per code or something.
Martini-Rossi Martini-Rossi 10 years
Yea, why just donate the 1.5 mil? The whole rinsing and sending the lids thing is really annoying, I'm pretty sure there's better way to go about it.
ShedItandGetIt ShedItandGetIt 10 years
You spend more on the postage than the research foundation gets for one lid.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 10 years
If it's fo a good couse I guess it's good right? I mean it seems a little out there, but the profits go to somehting good soooo...
Neenee3 Neenee3 10 years
I don't understand the point in sending in the lids. Why don't they just donate 10 cents with every purchase. I think they know that the average person will just forget to save it or send it(me included). Is it supposed to make you feel more involved?
laurini laurini 10 years
I eat Yoplait anyway, so when the time of year comes around I do save my lids and send them in. But I don't like some of their wording, such as "Yoplait will donate 10 cents for every lid, up to 1.5 million dollars" Why don't they just donate the 1.5 mil and get it over with then?
emalove emalove 10 years
It's a little annoying to have to remember to rinse off and save these things, but my friends and I have a jar at work that we collect them in. I love Yoplait and eat one everyday at lunch...if I don't remember to save the lid, one of my friends surely reminds me. As far as it being more a marketing tool, perhaps...I feel bad not doing it though.
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