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Are You Addicted to Refined Carbs?

New research out of New Zealand found that refined carbs, essentially white flour and white sugar, are as addictive as cigarettes. They found that heavily processed foods with a high amount of refined carbohydrates, like sugary cereals and sweet baked goods, quickly raise the amount of sugar in the blood, and that this "sugar rush" activates the same areas of the brain stimulated by nicotine and other addictive drugs. Like other addictions, the refined carbs loses its effectiveness in creating the desired rush forcing folks to eat more refined carbs to capture the high. They eat more sweets despite the negative consequences, a defining element of addiction. These findings support the research out of Princeton that sugar has addictive qualities. That Cinnabon might not be as innocent as it seems.

I have been avoiding refined carbs for a long time now. Sticking with whole grains and keeping refined sugar in check leaves me feeling more even emotionally. But what about you . . .


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