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You Asked: How Do I Keep My Cleavage and Not the Pounds?

You're asking and I'm answering.

"Hey Fit!
I've just started working out and I have a few friends who totally lost their boobs after they lost weight. I know this is totally vain of me, but I kind of like my bra size now. Is there anything I can do so that I don't drop cup sizes as I'm hopefully dropping the pounds?"
- Endowed Emma

This question is great on so many levels and while I have never had the joy of being well-endowed, I do understand your concern completely. To see what I have to say on this matter


I wish I had better news for you but here is the truth: Just like you can't spot reduce areas on your body, you also can't spot save either. In other words, the body doesn't let you pick and choose which parts you lose the fat from. (If that were the case, my thighs and cleavage would be glorious.) In fact, where your body chooses to draw fat from for fuel generally depends on genetics. Try and look on the bright side; while you can't keep the pounds from leaving your chest, you can keep it looking toned by adding a few strength moves into your gym routine. I recommend moves that work your pecs such as push ups, planks, chest presses, and flies.

Have you recently lost a lot of weight, which included your chest area? Share below.


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Luckyslushy Luckyslushy 8 years
Just get fake ones! Lol
cneums cneums 8 years
Have to agree that having a small waist and less hips and thighs are a good trade off for the loss of breasts from working out. I lost 30 pounds in the past year and a half and went from a 36C to a 34B. But, I'm proportionate overall and think that buying a padded bra for special occasions is better than buying spanx to help suck everything in! Although I look flat as a board in strapless dresses now...
SeaFoamGreen215 SeaFoamGreen215 8 years
I am a d right now. I would not mind having sMaller breasts as long as they didn't sag =\
gsteinhauser gsteinhauser 8 years
Of course they're going to shrink. But wouldn't you rather have and be more proud of a fantastic butt that you've worked hard to get then big boobs that arrived through mass consumption of Krispy Kremes? This is one of the dumbest excuses why people don't loose weight, and I've heard a lot of them. If it really bothers you so much to have smaller boobs, why don't you start a fund that you put all the money in from food binges that you don't have, the afternoon ice cream you don't eat etc. Then after you've lost it all, treat yourself to a new set of boobs. A pair that's not going to shrink when you loose more weight. But having smaller boobs really isn't that horrible. Believe me, I've had a lot of guys comment on how much they like my Bs, they don't make my back hurt, I only have to wear one sports bra, and I can wear whatever kind of a top I want.
nevadamtnbear nevadamtnbear 8 years
Okay, so I'm an anomaly, I lost 30+ lbs, and my boobs didn't get a flipp'n ounce smaller (okay, maybe an ounce or two, my band size changed, but the cup size stayed the bloody arse same). I am still pizzed about it. I HATE big boobs (I'm a DD cup). Ohh, and now adding insult to injury, I'm pregnant again and they're getting BIGGER!!!! I swear, when I'm done having kids, I'm getting a reduction and a lift thrown in to boot.
ccwhite ccwhite 8 years
I'm still losing weight, but at my top weight, 220 pounds (5'5), I was a 42F! That's nuts, no one should be that big! I've been on a low-carb diet for a year, and I'm now 158 pounds, and a 36DD. I feel a million times better. Bigger is NOT better when your shirts won't button and nothing fits your top. Besides all the models have no boobs :-) That's what I tell my girlfriends who worry about themselves.
angelfromlsu angelfromlsu 8 years
That champagne breasst size thing...I'm still trying to figure that one out. Do you stuff the breast in it or what!? I'm more of a large wine glass I suppose. haha.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
VeggieLove--that's a completely ignorant and rude comment. Boobs of ANY size are perfect. It's like saying only feet that are a size 7 are perfect or something like that. Women come in all shapes and sizes.
VeggieLove726 VeggieLove726 8 years
The perfect breast size can fit in a champagne glass;-)
Spectra Spectra 8 years
When I was around 190 lbs, I was only about a small C cup and now that I'm close to 100 lbs, I'm an A. I'm not that sad about it though because proportionally, my breasts actually look bigger now in comparison to my small body than they did before. I love that they don't get in the way and I can make them look fantastic with a pushup bra (and silicone chicken-cutlet thingies for extra special occasions). I usually wear clothes that showcase my fantastic legs and arms/shoulders instead of my breasts, so it's all good.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
I'm really fortunate. I'm petite - about 5'-0", 100 lbs, and I'm a full 34C (natural). On my frame, my bra size seems very busty. Someone once presumed I had breast implants. I work-out and weight train regularly. I'm lucky that my body retains my breasts.
Mmmarshmallow Mmmarshmallow 8 years
I've gone from a size 24 to a size 12 (Australian sizes) and the boobage has not changed, much to my chagrin. My breasts have given me severe upper back, neck and shoulder problems, and having that weight both dragging me down, and bouncing back up and hitting me in the jaw whenever I do high impact workout is a major pain. (Pun semi-intended). It's different for everybody. Genetics determine how 'lucky' you are in turns of boobage burn, though there's no such thing as 'losing weight in [x]-area'. If you're losing weight, you have to commit to losing it all over, since you cannot pick and choose.
Wild-Magelet Wild-Magelet 8 years
I agree that it's different for everybody. A year ago, I was 5'6" tall, weighed about 77 kg and had E cup, decidedly NOT perky breasts, which had caused me problems (physically and psychologically) for years. I lost 20kg and it didn't affect the size of my breasts at all. I had a breast reduction in February to reduce their size to a B cup and finally, finally my breasts are just breasts and not something that I think and worry about every single day. I was gutted that my cup size didn't change after losing weight, but totally understand that some women feel the opposite way - unfortunately I think it might be partly due to genetics and the physical make-up of your breasts, which is luck of the draw, really!
yasume yasume 8 years
I lost about 30 lbs and dropped from a B to A cup. I was a pear shape and always had a small upper body. I do quiet a bit of chest exercises now and I feel good in a tank top without a bra so hey, its okay. Although there are days when I wish they were bigger but I don't want the weight back. I am 5' 8 1/2" and a size 4. I don't want to give that up so I will just have to work with it. I am definitely perkier.
LJDP LJDP 8 years
Definitely do the chest exercises. Your breasts may shrink a little, but they will look so much perkier and rounded! The muscles that hold them up will be toned and your breasts will have an all-around "younger" look.. and that's always attractive. Large women may have large breasts, but they often aren't perky at all!!
Stupidasscat Stupidasscat 8 years
I bought some GREAT bras at Fredricks for $10 (yup $10) clearance pretty colors and they make my rack look A-mazing (my hubbie confirmed it)
mod16 mod16 8 years
jeeez... how are all of ya'll losing 20lbs and up?! i can't even lose 5 pounds!
EastVillageAmy EastVillageAmy 8 years
I lost around 17 pounds marathon training and my boobs (36C) stayed exactly the same. I lost my bountiful booty and ended up with what my friend called "a normal girl's ass" but my trainer gave me really good workouts to build the glutes back up, so now it's back. Since the breast aren't a muscle I think you just have to hope that your genetics allow you to keep them. But being fit is really the goal, boobs aren't really that big of a deal one way or the other.
AMP AMP 8 years
since boobs are mostly fat, i pretty much lost mine completely when i lost weight. :(
kehinde75 kehinde75 8 years
A couple of years ago I was on a mission to get a four-pack and ripped up arms and in the process, my poor breasticles went from a full B to a shrunken and deflated A. I could still pass the pencil test but I've never been more bummed out about my chest. The good news is I gained 10 pounds and they are back and better than ever! And I probably needed to gain those 10 pounds back because my quest for a four-pack just made me really skinny and not really any more toned in the mid-section. I think it is just my sad genetics (being apple shaped) that mean my abs and arms are the very last place I lose fat from. But at least my breasticles are back in business!!!
tatsauce tatsauce 8 years
I've always had small boobs, A cups! I didn't lose that much weight though, about 6 lbs., so it didn't make much of a difference for me. Let's just embrace the look of small boobs. All hail Kate Hudson!
FoxyJo FoxyJo 8 years
I ALWAYS say the best thing about gaining weight in college was that I went up a whole cup size. Now that I have lost the weight (and then some) I am back down to a 34A. I never used to mind small boobs because I have a pretty good size booty but now since all you see on TV are girl's with big fake boobs, I'm itching for a boob job!! I want full C's small D's!! LoL!! Can someone make that happen please?? :)
SumSpringlove5 SumSpringlove5 8 years
yeah i think i lost like 15pds-20 from just eating healthier foods and chosing right things to eat but yeah i was like a 38 D-cup or C-cup now im a 38 B-Cup i would not gain weight 4 bigger boobs cuz i dont like it. i want lean looking thighs and legs. and just look period. and keep it up the rest of my life.
missyd missyd 8 years
yeah I hear ya. I lost 40 lbs on my 5'8 frmae and went from an A cup to non-existent. I was almost concave. Took its toll on me hugely, but I did NOT want to gain back 40lbs just to have a little A cup boobie! So, I had it taken care of if you know what I mean ;-).
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 8 years
I think they might have gotten a bit smaller, but not that much. Well according to my cousin they've gotten smaller but I wouldn't actually have noticed other wise. I don't necessarily care much about having a bigger chest though that much, especially when it comes to how clothing fits. My sister has a bigger chest and has also lost weight and she's really annoyed she didn't lose more weight from there since she would really prefer a smaller chest.
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