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You Asked: How Many Times Should I Pee Each Day?

You're asking and I'm answering . . .

Dear FitSugar,

I know I'm supposed to stay hydrated and drink at least eight, eight-ounce glasses of water a day, but if I do, I end up peeing at least once every hour or more. Is this normal? How many times should I be going to the bathroom?

- Powder Room Patty

Yup, totally normal — I also go to the restroom a lot during the day. There is no real set number of times that you should be running to the loo, because it totally depends on your fluid intake. You drink water to replenish the water that gets lost through perspiration, excretion, and other bodily functions, and you don't necessarily need to be downing eight glasses of water each day. The amount depends on your lifestyle, whether you exercise a lot, or if you live in a warm climate. Check out Fit's Calculator to figure out how much water you should be drinking each day.

There's another way to find out if you're getting enough water. To find out what it is just


You can also figure out if you're getting enough water by checking the color of your urine. It should be clear or close to it. If it is, then you're doing a great job of keeping yourself hydrated. If it's closer to neon yellow, then add a glass or two of water to your diet. If your pee is clear and you're running to the lady's room more often than you'd like (which it sounds like you are), then cut back on your water consumption by a cup or two.


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