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You Asked: How to Survive Finals

It is finals season and surviving the crazy and rigorous study and exam schedule can be beyond difficult.

Here are a few suggestions and tips for you as you enter survival / study mode.

  • Routine: Stick to your normal sleeping, eating and exercising schedule as much as possible. This means don't suddenly up your caffeine intake, since it can interfere with your ability to sleep.
  • Take Breaks: Put your study materials down every two hours and relax. Let your eyes, brain and body take a rest. This will help you study for longer - I swear.
  • Exercise: Partake in some mellow form of exercise daily. Take a walk or a bike ride and let your mind wander, you might figure out a new argument to that 50 point essay question.
  • Eat Well: Eat balanced meals every day, and healthy snacks too. Don't short change yourself nutritionally, you are under serious stress and your body and brain need nutritious foods - not bags of Doritos balanced out by a cup of green tea.
  • Avoid the Munchies: If you are staying up way past your usual bedtime, chances are you will crave sugary, carbohydrate snacks since your brain needs carbs to function. Avoid the powdered sugar donuts from the vending machine and eat some complex carbs that you have prepared ahead of time (brown rice, quinoa) or eat some healthy whole grain cereal like Kashi. Who doesn't love a bowl of cereal at 1 a.m.?
  • Attitude: Keep a positive attitude. You are almost done and summer is almost here, and avoid the "nervous nellies" since anxiety can be contagious.

Good luck!!!!

Join The Conversation
socalgirl08 socalgirl08 10 years
Thanks for the tips! (Only one more final to go until it is officially summer! :) )
Hera119 Hera119 10 years
I absolutely eat right and exercise..but y cant I lose a single pound!!,.....
theworldloves theworldloves 10 years
Thanks so much for this post!!! It's going to help a lot in May, not only because of finals, but also all the crazy things that take up all my time.
lovekailua lovekailua 10 years
that's what ive been doing too...sneaking in work out or cardio whenever i can and it has been helping!
cams cams 10 years
Its not that I get super stressed about finals (I pretty much already know my grade in all of my classes) its just that I have two on the same day, back to back!!!! Nutritional Biochemistry AND Medical Nutrition Therapy II!!!!! AHHHHH the two hardest classes EVER!!
SugarShorts SugarShorts 10 years
i'm so glad to see a post about this!! Finals are absolutely killing me this semester, and until today, i hadn't even worked out in almost a week. I got home from my evening class today and went for a nice run for about 2 miles or so. After eating a nice post-work out meal, i felt like i could actually settle down and study for a while (well, until i ended up on here again, lol).
lovekailua lovekailua 10 years
i just took my first three hour final of the semester...i thought finals were pretty tame in undergrad school but law school is downright exhausting...i loved my state U but man it didn't prepare me for much of anything!! going to get that regular sleep now :) work and studying for the next final!
JessNess JessNess 10 years
I try all of these things but sometimes it really cannot be helped. I was up until 330 this morning working on a paper and project. I also have midterms all week and other papers. Should be fun
Blondieforever Blondieforever 10 years
Thanks Fit! I have AP Government next Monday! Good Luck to everyone else!
jendudley jendudley 10 years
I have my Tai Chi final tomorrow! Blech!!!
SU3 SU3 10 years
I don't miss finals at all! I definitely remember the stress. Good luck to all of you who have them these next coming weeks! :) These are definitely great tips!
leigha926 leigha926 10 years
am i the only one that doesn't really get stressed during finals week? i mean, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal...i don't know.
ktjones ktjones 10 years
I had midterms last week, I could have totally used these tips!!
bibelot bibelot 10 years
Thanks, Fit! My first final is tomorrow, and I've been trying to stay on a regular sleep schedule, exercise at least 3 days a week, and eat well. Nice to know I'm on the right track. :)
SFKitkat SFKitkat 10 years
Don't forget SLEEP!!! Your brain needs the rest and sleep helps with the whole short-term to long-term memory thing. The worst thing that you can do is pull marathon all-nighters. I did it in college and survived, but I actually followed the above tips and slept consistently during law school, and I performed much better. Good luck to you all who have to do the whole final exams/term papers thing!
brighteyes097 brighteyes097 10 years
I have finals all this week so this list will serve me well. Thanks, Fit!
christinafry christinafry 10 years
Oh my gosh, it's not the exams it the PAPERS AND PROJECTS! I love how every teacher is sure that their class is the only one we have! Only one more test on Friday, and then I'm spending the next week doing the following three things: Gym, Pool, and Bar! :P Can't wait! Good luck everyone and don't get down!!!
modernage modernage 10 years
thank you so much for this, seriously. I'm printing it right now.
amiemoos amiemoos 10 years
Thanks for the article Fit! Exam stress is already starting to get me down and they're still a month away!
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