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You Asked: I Need Some Resistance Band Advice

You're asking and I'm answering.

Dear Fit,

I've been considering doing workouts with resistance bands, and I even went and bought some. Now that I have them though, I have no idea which one to use for what. It seems I got three different resistant levels, and I've not used them because I really don't want to use the wrong one and make my workout inefficient or possibly hurt something. I know, it's a stupid reason, but really Fit, can you do a post on resistance bands sometime?


I love this question because for a while, I steered clear of resistance bands, too, not knowing how to use them. To find out what you should know


If you're used to using free weights in your strength training, you can substitute a band for the dumbbells in any exercise. You just may have to get creative with how you hold the handles. It's great that you bought a variety of bands since it's best to have three: light (green), medium (blue), and heavy (red). They make tons of different styles like figure eights, double bands, and circular bands, but if you're just starting out, stick with the long single tubes. The best way to figure out how to use your bands is to try them. Here are some exercises to check out:

Depending on how strong certain muscle groups are, you'll find you may need to use a different colored band for each exercise. So practice these basic exercises and see which resistance works best. You should be able to do 12 to 15 reps of each, so if that's too hard, use a lighter band. If you need more ideas for exercises to do, check out this DVD.

As long as you use good form and the proper amount of tension, bands offer so much more diversity because you can have resistance from all different directions. So just like with anything, it'll take some time using your bands in order for you to feel comfortable with them.


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