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You Asked: Mood Swings and Exercise, What Gives?

Dear Fit,
I am usually pretty good at working out but recently I've been skipping a few days because work's been super busy. I find that on those days I get super moody... What's up with that? Is it all in my head?
- Moody Mandy

Actually it is all in your head, but not the way in which you're thinking. Here's the deal, according to Peak Performance Online: Your pituitary gland (a gland located at the base of your brain) releases substantial quantities of 'endorphins' - chemicals which can block sensations of pain and produce overall feelings of euphoria - when you preform strenuous activities like running or biking. In other words, exercise makes you feel and look good, it's scientifically proven. This is why some people can get 'addicted' to exercise or feel a 'runners high'. Just like any addiction, withdrawal symptoms are normal, so don't worry. Get back on the horse treadmill as soon as you can and you're sure to be feeling great all over again.

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