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You Asked: Is it OK to walk out of a fitness class?

You're asking and I'm answering...

Hey Fit! On several occasions I have taken a new group class and absolutely hated everything about it. In the future, is it OK that I don't stick around and waste my time?
- Classy Cassy

From time to time it happens that you'll find yourself in a class that just does not suit you. Maybe you don't vibe with the instructor or maybe it just wasn't the type of workout you were looking for at the time. Regardless of the reason for the class not being a good fit, as long as you are polite, it is OK to make a quiet, nonchalant exit.

The caveat: You should still try to push yourself. Don't allow yourself to leave class after class because you are out of your comfort zone. It's one thing to leave a body pump class because it is focusing on strength training and you were looking for a cardio workout, but it's another thing to walk out because it simply seemed a little difficult. Classes are a fabulous way to provide us with a social way to have fun, find variety and get instruction. Take advantage of them and push yourself. Besides, in the end you may find that you actually love the class.

Fit's Tip: Also, if you see the instructor outside the class, think about giving her some constructive feedback -- She may welcome the feedback.


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susanec susanec 9 years
I've walked out of one class, a kickboxing class that aggravated three injuries (well, two chronic ones and was triggering a migraine) and just wasn't doing it for me. If it had been yoga or pilates, then that would have been too distracting and I would have stayed. I despise people who come in late to those sorts of classes or disrupt them.
Spectra Spectra 9 years
I've never been to a structured class at a gym or anything. I usually just have videos that I do. The great thing about them is that if you suck at the moves, you can restart the DVD and redo them. And if you really hate it, you can always stop whenever you want. I think if I were doing a group class that was really tough, I'd stay and just deal with it. Then I'd probably not go back or try an easier level.
Allytta Allytta 9 years
that's kinda strange... i don't remember a work-out class that i liked from the first day. it's always a chalange to learn all the moves. first week or two i feel like a total loser compared to those who have attened for like 4-6 months. so i hate it. how can a person know if it's ok after just 10-20min of class??????
posenmud posenmud 9 years
I am a Curves dropout. I joined and paid my dues, but I only went for one month. The club dues were taken directly out of my checking account every month for about a year. I never really walked out, I just didn't ever show up. Plus one of the trainers there was just too enthuastic. That made me uncomfortable. And there was the time she came out of a changing room swinging a bra over head asking if it was anyones. No one's gonna claim a bra that was just blatently exposed like that... come on. I'd much rather walk and bike outside and jump and just play in the park with the kids. I can still do some tricks on the monkeybars. Which is cool because little girls that are scared of the bars at first, they see a girl that just looks like an older sister spinning on the lower bars, they walk up to me and ask if I can teach them how to do it. I steady them and propel them thru the wind. I like to be the trainer in the playground of life. lol
MindayH MindayH 9 years
I would try and stick it out. And if I am trying a new class, I do my best to get there early and get a strategic spot near the door. One time I didn't love a class, and asked a girl who seemed to be a regular if the class always moved so quickly, and she said no, the regular teacher was out and normally is so much better. I would have never known it is a good class if I had left early like I wanted to.
mugsymay mugsymay 9 years
I have to say , even middling or hateful, I think it is important to stick a class out.I always check out a class before hand to see if it seems like it is going to be for me.....and after that, if I have decided to try it, it is important to try it to the end. It is an hour and after that you never have to go back but if you stick it out you might learn something or find something you didn't know you could love.
krampalicious krampalicious 9 years
i tried a super-hard really advanced cardio kickbox class a few years back (thinking it was going to be for all levels) and managed to work up the balls to leave. as i left, several other people followed me out. i think sometimes you think that you're trapped in there and have to force yourself, even if it's not fun and you're really hurting. i did, however, return to try the class again at a later date and ended up sticking it out and loving it, too.
nikolem2 nikolem2 9 years
As a fitness instructor myself, I'd appreciate someone letting me know why they left during class. I've had regulars tell me before class that they'll be leaving early, which I always appreciate knowing. But every once in a while, a newbie will show up and leave during the class--I always wonder to myself why--did they not like the class? Was it too easy/too hard? Are they feeling okay? These questions often go unanswered, but I feel that it's polite to stay unless the instructor is doing something unsafe. If leaving a class is disruptive (putting away equipment, etc.) then I also think it's best to stay so you're not distracting or interupting the rest of the students.
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