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You Asked: Is it OK to walk out of a fitness class?

You're asking and I'm answering...

Hey Fit! On several occasions I have taken a new group class and absolutely hated everything about it. In the future, is it OK that I don't stick around and waste my time?
- Classy Cassy

From time to time it happens that you'll find yourself in a class that just does not suit you. Maybe you don't vibe with the instructor or maybe it just wasn't the type of workout you were looking for at the time. Regardless of the reason for the class not being a good fit, as long as you are polite, it is OK to make a quiet, nonchalant exit.

The caveat: You should still try to push yourself. Don't allow yourself to leave class after class because you are out of your comfort zone. It's one thing to leave a body pump class because it is focusing on strength training and you were looking for a cardio workout, but it's another thing to walk out because it simply seemed a little difficult. Classes are a fabulous way to provide us with a social way to have fun, find variety and get instruction. Take advantage of them and push yourself. Besides, in the end you may find that you actually love the class.

Fit's Tip: Also, if you see the instructor outside the class, think about giving her some constructive feedback -- She may welcome the feedback.


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