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You Asked: Should I Eat For My Blood Type?

You're asking and I'm answering.

My stepfather just purchased the Eat Right 4 Your Type dietary book about maintaining a lifestyle of eating habits based on your blood type. I am type O and according to the book I should eat mostly meat (while watching portions) and avoid dairy — which I love! What is your take on this?"
—"O" Olivia

To see my response

Interesting question, and funny that you should ask because I am literally using my copy of Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type as a prop to make my computer screen a little higher. I, too, went on the Blood Type Diet and while I think the concept is fascinating and the book was cool to read, I am not sure I fully buy into it.

In a nutshell, the book teaches how different foods affect specific blood types both positively and negatively, which dates all the way back to our ancestors. For example, it explains that cavemen were Type Os, which is why we should stick to more meat and less roughage. While on the other hand Type As should eliminate all meat from their diet to reduce their risk of cancer and disease. Pretty confusing, right? Not only that, but since I am also a Type O, I was having a hard time eating so much meat as well as sticking to the diet — it is very specific with what you can and cannot eat.

The author says that every blood type should stay away from processed foods and eat more vegetables and fruits, but that's common sense not rocket science. Basically I think it boils down to this: healthy eating, portion control, and exercise, which can all be achieved without a book.

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maya622 maya622 9 years
My roommate got this book over Christmas and has now been going crazy with what she can and cannot eat. It's too much! I think that parts of it definitely make sense, for example, if you feel horrible after you eat a specific food all the time, then you SHOULDN'T EAT IT! But, that's common sense. The book also doesn't really give any consideration to cultural backgrounds. For example, my roommate is from Spain and she's a type B and it says she shouldn't eat olives, but she grew up eating olives and has never had a problem digesting or eating them before. So how do you explain that? I'm so glad I found this here and am happy to see that there are a few skeptics like me out there. I also agree that eating healthy and paying attention to the way your body responds to certain foods is the way to go.
cather1ne cather1ne 9 years
My friend has this book, and I am doing pretty well at what I can and cannot eat. Minus the pork part. I love pork. My friend is allergic to sugar and milk. She's doing AWESOME!
starkiss23 starkiss23 9 years
I wonder if the book has any specific reccomendations for diabetics?
swtsunkisses88 swtsunkisses88 9 years
I have never heard of any of my nutrition profs mentioning this.. or in my chemistry or bio courses. if it were true, i would expect to hear a bigger hype or have actually heard of this before... to get rid of corn? Corn is good for you... so I dont know why youd really take advice from something advising you to eliminate that from your diet. corn is high in fiber and helps in kidney problems. Not to mention corn is low fat and a complex carb...
melody20 melody20 9 years
i bought this book too, but most of the things you CAN eat, you cannot find in average stores, and are much, much more expensive. :(
JessBear JessBear 9 years
So does that mean that as a Type O, I shouldn't be a vegetarian? I don't think I'll be checking out this book, thanks.
facin8me facin8me 9 years
I agree with biochemlovely. This book is cr@p. Save your money.
biochemlovely biochemlovely 9 years
I think this whole idea of eating for your blood type is completely ridiculous. I'm not a medical doctor, but I am a scientist, and it does not make sense to me. The ABO blood system is based on the presence or absence of certain molecules on the outside of your red blood cells. As far as I can tell, there is no research to support the idea that food can have differential effects based on blood type differences, or that blood type should determine what you eat.
sweetk8ty76 sweetk8ty76 9 years
Intersting theory. I'd be interested to find out what this says about my blood type. I might head over to Barnes & Noble to see if they have it too look through. Good post.
sparklestar sparklestar 9 years
I don't even know what my blood type is. Weird or what? You have to pay extra to find out here!
emalove emalove 9 years
Weird...I've never heard this. I'm a Type A+, so apparently I shouldn't eat much meat, which I don't. I'm not sure if I buy into this, but I'm curious to check it out.
madisonh madisonh 9 years
you shouldn't have said should have said cOurtney!
courtneyh courtneyh 9 years
You know, I just want to say that I have always been a skeptic of this website and wether or not things on FIT or DEAR sugar were real.....or if the creators just made up the topics because honestly not to be mean, but some of the questions are like-WHO asks that???? This COMPLETELY restored my faith/thinking about how legit this website is. As I am the girl who submited this question. Last night. Ha! FIT is wonderful, I have refered so many people to the sugar network, but now I'm just really happy it is "legit" for lack of a broader vocabulary. :) on cloud 9
cloudy-D cloudy-D 9 years
You are so right , common sense, key word.
Spectra Spectra 9 years
"The author says that every blood type should stay away from processed foods and eat more vegetables and fruits" There's your answer. That's why the stupid plan works, not because your blood type has anything to do with it. ANYONE would lose weight by eating no processed foods and eating a lot of fruits and veggies. How you choose the remainder of your calories (fats, proteins, carbs) can vary greatly and you can still lose a lot of weight.
audreystar audreystar 9 years
not sure if i buy into it either but i am a type A and makes me wonder if that is why i have never been much of a meat eater. :?
Giasbash6260 Giasbash6260 9 years
I strongly believe this books theories except for certain things... I am a type O and I only eat meat & vegetables...and while it says that O types cannot eat Eggplants & Cabbage: I do anyways, but I typically don't feel so hot after I eat eggplant, I wonder if there is a connection? ha ha!
Crimson Crimson 9 years
I've been on the type O diet for well over a year. I couldn't be happier with the results. I have more muscle and energy. I just FEEL better. If anything, try it. Give yourself some time and patients to adjust to the diet. It's not exactly easy if you have a fast pace lifestyle. You have to plan what you're going to eat. I would recomend anyone atleast try the diets.
Allytta Allytta 9 years
i'm type 0 and i stick to the diet and the only thing i loved that i had to give up was corn. and i feel even better without it. it's a great diet, better then any celeb diets and it's healthy too. you can eat whatever you want pretty much. well i do. so don't go talking shit aboout it :P
SassyK SassyK 9 years
I think the book is stupid, and dieting and being healthy is in fact not rocket science. I agree it's all about watching portions, and not going overboard. People always say "how do you do it" Excercise and eat well on a regular basis.
Fitness Fitness 9 years
LOL, syako. I just feel like my monitor is too low without it. Maybe our desks are a little low? Funny that you mentioned this though. :)
syako syako 9 years
Why do all of you sugar girls use books and magazines to raise your monitors? I remember Fab does this (i think). Is it a mac thing that they don't make their monitors the right height or something?? I've never had this problem with my pc...
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
Interesting, I really wonder if this is true...
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