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You Asked: Should I Eat For My Blood Type?

You're asking and I'm answering.

My stepfather just purchased the Eat Right 4 Your Type dietary book about maintaining a lifestyle of eating habits based on your blood type. I am type O and according to the book I should eat mostly meat (while watching portions) and avoid dairy — which I love! What is your take on this?"
—"O" Olivia

To see my response

Interesting question, and funny that you should ask because I am literally using my copy of Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type as a prop to make my computer screen a little higher. I, too, went on the Blood Type Diet and while I think the concept is fascinating and the book was cool to read, I am not sure I fully buy into it.

In a nutshell, the book teaches how different foods affect specific blood types both positively and negatively, which dates all the way back to our ancestors. For example, it explains that cavemen were Type Os, which is why we should stick to more meat and less roughage. While on the other hand Type As should eliminate all meat from their diet to reduce their risk of cancer and disease. Pretty confusing, right? Not only that, but since I am also a Type O, I was having a hard time eating so much meat as well as sticking to the diet — it is very specific with what you can and cannot eat.

The author says that every blood type should stay away from processed foods and eat more vegetables and fruits, but that's common sense not rocket science. Basically I think it boils down to this: healthy eating, portion control, and exercise, which can all be achieved without a book.

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