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You Asked: Sunscreen for Sports

Dear FitSugar,

I am a fair skinned girl who really enjoys her outdoor sports. I also am a
very sweaty fair skinned girl and have noticed that most sunscreens do not
keep up with me. I apply at least 30 minutes before going outside but
still often end up with a mild burn.

Can you recommend a sunscreen with real lasting strength? I love a tan
but I love my skin more.

Ahhhh....a fair skinned athlete after my own heart - she "loves her skin more" than a tan. Well for this scenario, I highly recommend Water Babies by Coppertone.

I discovered this sunscreen in my quest for a sunscreen for my two fair skinned, active daughters. It is a broad spectrum sunscreen, meaning it blocks both UVA and UVB rays, plus it is SPF 50. Since the lotion was formulated for kids it is hypoallergenic, gentle and moisturizing. It is also PABA free (one of the chemicals you want to avoid). Plus it provides instant waterproof protection.

It is thick and can be difficult to rub in completely, so it leaves a little white aura about your skin, but the sunscreen stays put long periods of time. I would not, however, use this sunscreen on my face since it is not labeled "non comedogenic" so it will clog your pores. I am just really particular about what I put on my face. Water Babies can also sting your eyes so I like to just steer clear of that area.

Look for it at you local drugstore or buy it online from for $8.49 for an 8 ounce bottle.

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