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You Asked: Three Running Questions

You're asking and I'm answering . . .

In the past week I have received three questions from folks returning to running. It is great that Sugar users are getting turned on to running, and I thought I would tackle all three questions at once. Here goes . . .

Dear Fit,
I have patched things up with my relationship with running, and am back at it. I've noticed that now that I'm running longer distances, I am getting some chafing from my arm rubbing against my tank top. How can I prevent chafing during long distance runs? Because ouch, it hurts!
— Chafed and Unhappy About It

Chafing can be an annoying problem, especially as you increase your mileage. The best advice is to lubricate the areas that are rubbing with Vaseline or a runner-specific product like Body Glide, which contains no petroleum products. If you do get sores from chafing, use an antibiotic cream to treat the area. Be sure to wear a tight-fitting shirt that is smooth and wicks, too.

Dear FitSugar,
What should I eat for breakfast before my next 5k? My first race I ate my normal breakfast, which was way too much and I got sick.
— Granola With Skim Milk and OJ

To see some thoughts on pre-race meals, just

The pre-race meal can be tricky, and my best advice to you is to experiment because every runner is so different. For me, if the start time is late enough, I have an espresso with a splash of milk, instant oatmeal, and a banana. For you, my pre-race meal would probably be too much. You should eat a little bit of something easily digestible. A good rule of thumb is: the softer the food, the easier it is to digest. Also, I think it's prudent to avoid acidic drinks like OJ. Bananas are a popular pre-race food, as is peanut butter toast, or a protein bar. Avid racer TeamSugar likes the low-sugar protein bar by Detour. It is best to eat at least two hours before the race as well. Eat slowly and chew your food well. Good luck!

Hey Fit,
I am starting running again after a long time off, but the outside of my hips end up very sore and stiff following a run. Do you know of any stretch or anything else I can do to reduce that?
— Hurtin' Hips

It sounds like your hip flexors are tight. I think you should walk for part of your cool down, since this gives a nice active stretch for the hip flexors and can work out the kinks. Check out these three hip flexor stretches and do them after you run. Think about running from your pelvis, too. This will make the backs of your legs work more and even out the workout load.

Have any more suggestions for these three issues? Leave them in the comments section below.


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