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A while back, I asked you what motivated you to work out and the overwhelming majority said to lose weight. Interestingly enough, a common weight loss mistake is over estimating the calories burned while working out and subsequently eating too much.

So I am wondering, in this quest to lose weight . . .


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gaulearnedimp gaulearnedimp 9 years
To clarify, the program includes a rather strict diet. It fills you up and it's relatively healthy, but calcium and fiber are a bit hard to fit in. I have to take supplements.
gaulearnedimp gaulearnedimp 9 years
I had been making an effort to eat healthier, and was making slow progress until my mom and I joined an 8 week weight loss program/competition at our gym. It's not a competition in an ugly sense, but the person who loses the most weight gets 10 free personal trainer appointments. Spa appointments would have been better, as our all-women gym has a spa in the back. We just started last week and have already lost 4-6 lbs. each.
Giasbash6260 Giasbash6260 9 years
Oh I have been on a diet for 6 years - low carb & lovin' it
maggaw maggaw 9 years
I'm always dieting.. or more like eat almost nothing all week, binge on weekends and then I feel guilty for eating so much and eat nothing all week, an this happens again and again and again. it's a vicious circle. I have to change this.
katie_c katie_c 9 years
i eat pretty much what i want whenever i want. i exercise when i want and don't kill myself. my body is what it is. i at least i know i'm healthy--and that's good enough for me.
luvhouse07 luvhouse07 9 years
I've been dieting pretty much always .. since I was elevem
monistar18 monistar18 9 years
ive been trying not to think that im on a diet... im making a lifestyle change.. because its something i want to keep up for the rest of my life. and so far it seems to be working.. ive lost almost 30 pounds since the beginning of january
ElectroPopTart ElectroPopTart 9 years
It's ALL about lifestyle change. Eating healthy and exercising CONSISTENTLY. That's the KEY to longterm success and good health.
lolliegirl237 lolliegirl237 9 years
i tried all that calorie counting business for four years and my weight yo-yoed as a result. at my lowest i was 109 and my highest i was 164 (i'm 5"6 and 1/2). then one day i just got fed up (counting was always so exhausting and i actually eat decently and get a good variety). it's still a pretty fresh change, but i am so much happier just listening to my body. if i am hungry i eat, if i am not, i find something else to do. there's just so much more out there in the world to experience, and too little time to be spent measuring, looking up, and documenting calories. my body doesn't forget and i don't forget what i have eaten that day. i love to workout for the mere pleasure that it brings me in knowing that my body is growing stronger. each time i run a little longer, stretch a little farther, or move up to a higher resistance, i think "wow! look what my body can do! look at what my body and i achieved together." it took years, tears, and hard work to get where i am now, but i can honestly say i am finally happy. i love my body.
caryatid caryatid 9 years
eating healthy and keeping vague track of calories and activity, mostly just going for smaller portions and healthier foods combined with 30 mins of cardio a day. -13 pounds! woo!
Allytta Allytta 9 years
yes, but it'sm my second day and i relapsed a bit - was hungry like a wolf and had some mac and cheese :) salad was not enough after very hungry flu. i've lost 8lbs during my week of fever and eating like a pig...
risqueredhead risqueredhead 9 years
recovering from an eating disorder, so it varies based on how well I'm doing.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 9 years
I don't count calories, but I do eat fresh fruits, veg, and no processed foods. I work out 7 days a week if I can! If not, it is more like 5 days.
amers230 amers230 9 years
weight watchers baby!!!!!
Spectra Spectra 9 years
I changed how I eat when I started Weight Watchers 7 years ago and I really never went back to my unhealthy habits. I try to choose healthy options whenever I can, eat lots of fruits and veggies, and don't drink liquid calories. I do enjoy the occasional splurge, but for the most part, I stick to healthy stuff. I don't worry too much about calories though...if my jeans start fitting tighter, I cut back a little on my treats or switch up my workout a bit.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 9 years
Nope, it's just part of my lifestyle to eat healthy, and within caloric limits.
GrapeBubbleGum GrapeBubbleGum 9 years
I guess I'm dieting in that I'm counting calories, but I think of this as more of a lifestyle change. I don't have a problem eating healthy foods, my problem is in controlling how much I eat.
AMP AMP 9 years
Technically, yes. But like almost everyone else, this is not something I'm doing temporarily. I count calories like its my job, but I have to right now, I'm still learning. More than that though, I want to make sure the calories that are going into my body are healthy ones. I eat tons of fruits and veggies, try to avoid fried foods and sugar, eat whole grains and opposed to anything simple or refined. Now if I could only get my alcohol consumption down a bit on the weekends and during football games. Baby steps :) I fully acknowledge that this "diet" I am on is a lifelong commitment, not a temporary solution, and while maybe someday I'll stop counting calories, I never plan on giving up on healthy eating or exercising.
Novaraen Novaraen 9 years
I'm just making healthier eating choices and getting lots and lots of exercise into my daily routine. I'm calling it a lifestyle change...because diets are only temporary. I'm feeling great and dropping a bit of weight here and there. Counting calories can drive you MAD...and you never really know how many you truly are consuming. Sooo...I'm just adding lots more fruits and vegetables to my diet...getting a good cardio workout 3 times a week and doing lots of beneficial exercises around the house and even at work. I'm very happy with this and i feel its a plan that will last! :D
missyd missyd 9 years
I know someone who abuses laxatives to keep her belly flat. Must be hurting her system i imagine
cvandoorn cvandoorn 9 years
I hate counting calories. I just prefer to eat healthy and eat smaller portions. Plus I use one of those Polar heart rate monitors to see how many calories i've burned during my work outs, i'd like to think those are pretty accurate...
Livvy-P Livvy-P 9 years
I think I've been on a diet since I was 12 years old!! I've always struggled with body image, and now that I'm in my 30's, and I've had two kids, it's just brutal. My body has changed so much in the past 5 years, it's amazing (and not in a good way). So now I am trying to change the way that I look at food. I've been trying to exercise at least 5 times/week, and now I am taking Carrie Underwood's advice & trying to write down everything that I eat. Plus, I am carrying around a book of calorie amounts with me. It's hard! But I also have a motivational picture of myself that I carry with me to remind myself of what I am trying to work towards. It's all about making lifestyle changes, and developing habits that you can stick with forever, not just short term.
renaimarie renaimarie 9 years
I haven't changed my eating habits much (they have always been fairly healthy), but I ride my bike every day now and I stopped drinking, so I'm losing weight because of that. It's definitely not a diet, though.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
I am just really tryig to eat less junk food and eat more fruits and veggies and drink more water! Right now is tough cuz I am pmsing BUT I am still trying :)
fashionhore fashionhore 9 years
I take into consideration how much I am eating, and how much is too much for me. I don't count calories because I have better things to do with my time, and I don't deprive myself because then I will over-indulge X a hundred! I am sometimes a victim to thinking that my work-out cancels what I eat, so I over-indulge and then feel like crap because I am making no progress; it's a deadly trap.
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