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Are You Exercising Enough?

The American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association are interested in getting you fit and healthy. They are so interested in your fitness life that they have created exercise guidelines and just updated them, mostly by adding more exercise for teenagers and kids. Not much has changed, but take this quiz to see if you're exercising up to the federal standard.


Are You Exercising Enough?

In one week, how many hours of moderately intense cardio exercise are recommended?

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caernarvan caernarvan 8 years
Question: I'm super busy with life & work, but am still marathon training. I definitely get waay more than 2.5 hours a week of exercise, but it's mostly in one day. Is that good for my health? I run 13-18 miles every Sunday. But then maaaaaybe I'll get another 3-5 mile run in during the week. maybe. I'm obviously not trying to lose weight, so just on a health level, is this okay? (I understand that it isn't ideal, but y'know, what is?)
javsmav javsmav 8 years
Red Sharpie--I guess I'm defining it differently. I couldn't find anything on that website, but on the American Cancer Society website there is a list of examples of moderate & vigorous activities(this answers Deidre's question too) Moderate Activities Exercise and Leisure--Walking, dancing, leisurely bicycling, ice-skating or roller-skating, horseback riding, canoeing, yoga Vigorous Activities Exercise and Leisure--Jogging or running, fast bicycling, circuit weight training, aerobic dance, martial arts, jump rope, swimming While I agree that intervals & sprints should be limited, I would consider that anaerobic activity which is higher than vigorous activity. So I'll do several hour plus runs every week, but only one of them is a tempo or interval run. I can say a few words during a regular run, but it's not easy. I can't talk at all during a sprint. Of course, I'm not a health professional or anything, that's just the way I've always looked at it.
Red-Sharpie Red-Sharpie 8 years
@ Javsmav: 3 20 minute sessions is *plenty* if you're doing something like sprints or high intensity intervals. If you can go longer than 20 minutes in a session, you're not working hard enough for it to be "vigorous" and doing those types of activities more than 3 times a week can be a huge stress to your body since you need rest to recover from it in the same way that you do for weightlifting. I prefer this type of cardio. Makes me really push myself =) Although I'm not so sure that I could speak a few words while sprinting...I don't see what the problem with pushing yourself is if you're young and healthy though?
Deidre Deidre 8 years
I'm interested in what gauges the difference between moderately and vigorously intense cardio. Probably has to do with heart rate, but I'd love activity examples.
C-Ruth C-Ruth 8 years
I exercise about six hours a week.. cardio and strengthening mixed together.
javsmav javsmav 8 years
Three 20 minute sessions? That seems really low.
nancita nancita 8 years
I feel like I exercise a lot but even I don't get 30 minutes of cardio 5 times a week. Four at best!
mtiger mtiger 8 years
I'm trying to lose weight, and I only do the elliptical 5 times a week for 30 minutes. I can't imagine doing it for 60 to 90 minutes. It seems to be working so far! I think if you haven't exercised before, you're bound to lose weight no matter how much you do.
billypei billypei 8 years
After briefly falling off I'm trying to get back on the fitness bandwagon. I rode my bike this morning for several miles, which felt great. I always feel less stressed when I exercise. I just need to get out there and do it more often. It's difficult when you're really busy. Billy
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
poo I missed the how often should you do vigorous activities question. Oh well, at least I know Im on the right track
missyd missyd 8 years
hmm well I do cardio thai kickboxing 4x a week for an hour at a time, so I think I'm ok? I guess so...its kind of a mix of cardio and resistance.
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