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Are You a "Fat Talker?"

Are You a "Fat Talker?"

Do you constantly talk about how bad you feel about your body? Then you may be a fat talker...

New research is coming out that when put in a group with other women, women will almost always revert to talking negatively about their own body image. This is being called fat talking. In turn, fat talking leaves women, who actually feel positively about their bodies, silent or they will engage in fat talk for fear of social rejection. This constant bombardment of negative body issues is just not healthy for a society trying to battle many health issues like eating disorders and obesity.

“In general, we find that women in the United States, particularly Caucasian women, feel poorly about their bodies. Women also believe there is pressure to fat talk, and that other women do it because they feel poorly about their bodies. We never break out of that cycle. If there are women who have a positive body image, they never step up and vocalize that, so the norm never changes.”

Are you a fat talker? If so, really think about what you are doing to the dynamics of the group. Think about reflecting on the positive things to your girlfriends, rather than the negative and see where that takes you.

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