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Are You Still Worried About Swine Flu?

The last 10 days have been fraught with fear over a possible swine flu pandemic: almost all of Mexico was shut down, US citizens were strongly cautioned against traveling to Mexico, and American schools were shut down in many states.

Today brings both good news, bad news, and a warning for the future. While the US is no longer advising school closures since the virus is milder than originally believed, the first American citizen diagnosed with swine flu passed away. The 33-year-old Texas school teacher was eight months pregnant when admitted to the hospital. According to health officials she had "chronic underlying health conditions" and stopped short of saying directly that swine flu killed her. Her baby was successfully delivered by Cesarean and is healthy.

In the US, there are 642 confirmed cases of swine flu in 41 states. Internationally, over 1,490 cases have been confirmed in 21 countries, and health officials ask us all to remain vigilant informed by the evolution of the devastating flu pandemic of 1918. Pandemics can begin mild, evolve over the course of months, and become stronger.

I am wondering how all this news affects you.


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