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And You Thought Your Dog Made You Feel Guilty: mypetfat

I've seen a lot of diet tricks in my day, but nothing compares to carrying a chunk of fat around with you to remind yourself how much that twinkie really means to you. Let me explain...

Mypetfat is a way to increase your own accountability and consciousness. The basic principal is that by carrying around mypetfat, you will have a visual reminder of the results from what you are putting into your body. Jay, the mastermind behind mypetfat, says that, "Calories only count once they cross the lips." So, the ultimate key is by stopping the calories from making it past your lips. You can get it in three sizes: 1 oz (220 calories), 1 lb (3,500 calories) and 5 lbs (17,500 calories). You can take it with you to restaurants, to ball games or even just keep it at home in the pantry to stop mindless snacking. I've got one sitting here on my desk right now, and I've got to say, it's pretty motivating when four o'clock rolls around and I am looking through my snack drawer. If nothing else, it's a great conversation piece.

What's more, mypetfat is offering you, my fabulous FitSugar reader, a 50% discount on some products online at

  • To get $10.00 off a mini mypetfat, which is a one ounce anatomically correct replica of body fat -- Just enter FIT [case sensitive] into the coupon box after and then hit apply coupon.
  • To get $10.00 off the "1/2 is more" ebook, which is a reminder that inspires you to start enjoying eating again and in doing so, not only will it affect your waist in a positive way, but your wallet as well -- Just enter SUGAR [case sensitive] into the coupon box and then hit apply coupon.

Enjoy -- After all this could be the only pet you've had that won't pee on the floor when you leave it alone for too long.

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