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I can think of plenty of reasons going to the doctor annoys me. I hate the long wait, I spend more time talking to the nurse than the actual doctor, and when I do see the doctor, he's always so quick to write out a prescription and send me on my way. Who knew, though, that doctors find us frustrating, too. Here are five things MDs hate about their patients.

  1. Patients who lie about their lifestyle. No one wants to admit that they smoke, drink, do drugs, or don't exercise, but if we lie about it to our doctors, then it can prevent us from getting the proper care we need.
  2. Patients who don't follow through with the care the doctor recommended. If a doctor prescribes medication, therapy, or a certain lifestyle change and you don't listen, then it's not only an insult to your doc, but it's also detrimental to your health.

To see what else bugs your doctor, keep reading.

  1. Patients who'd rather pop pills or have surgery than take responsibility for their own well-being. Obesity, heart problems, high blood pressure, and chronic pain are just some of the diseases and conditions associated with poor diet and lack of exercise. It bothers doctors when their patients refuse to take care of themselves and expect the doctor to cure them with a prescription or procedure.
  2. Patients who insist they need a certain medication because they saw it on TV or the Internet. Doctors love when patients take an interest in their own health, but demanding specific medications can interfere with a patient's care, since doctors may know of more effective drugs. It's also annoying when patients don't want their doctor's opinion, only their prescriptions.
  3. Patients who rely on the Internet, friends, or relatives for their health care. These can definitely be great tools, but just because your Aunt Sophie gets sinus infections often and is convinced you have one too, doesn't mean you do. Leave the diagnosis to the doctor.

Are you guilty of any of these "practices"?

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