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Beginner Fitness Tips
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Beginner Fitness Tips
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Your Healthy Food Swaps

Since decadent foods like ice cream, baked treats, and fried foods tend to be high in the calorie department, it's good to have a few healthy food swap ideas up your sleeve. Here are some shared by fellow FitSugar readers.

  • "Avocado instead of mayo . . . sure it may have fat in it but it's healthy fat and tastes delicious. Hummus instead of cream in sauces and soups . . . adds a ton of flavor and protein." — mamasitamalita
  • "I use balsamic vinegar (not vinaigrette) on my salads without any oil. It gives the same powerful flavor kick but for a lot less calories." — laellavita
  • "Replace ranch dressing on my salad with cottage cheese." — genipher85

For more great ideas, keep reading.

  • "I will always go for mustard on sandwiches instead of mayo. And instead of veggies dipped in ranch dressing, I use nonfat Greek yogurt flavored with onion soup mix." — filmgirl81
  • An anonymous reader suggests, "Kale chips instead of potato chips! Light chocolate soy milk instead of cookies/ice cream/chocolate bar dessert. Quinoa instead of pasta."
  • User onlysourcherry says, "I never cook with butter, I always use a little canola oil with salt."
  • Spectra has a few swaps to share. "Use salsa mixed with a little nonfat yogurt instead of fatty dip for veggies, freeze a yogurt for a couple of hours and eat it instead of ice cream . . . have a cup of coffee with a bit of cream and sugar instead of an actual dessert . . . and instead of eating Doritos, I'll have pork rinds instead. They are lower in fat, don't have trans fat, and have eight grams of protein. Doesn't make them healthy, but they're better than chips."
  • TADOW substitutes fresh ground peanuts for name-brand sugary peanut butter, stevia for sugar, and whole wheat instead of white bread or pizza dough.
  • "Plain nonfat yogurt instead of sour cream." — cg130
  • "Baked apple with some cinnamon instead of apple pie." — livetolove
  • Here are a few of Wild Magelet's ideas: Applesauce instead of butter in baking, hummus mixed through a warm vegetable salad instead of dressing, and natural yogurt with a spoonful of 100 percent fruit preserves instead of flavored yogurt.
  • Yogaforlife enjoys whole grain brown rice with diced tomatoes/basil/garlic instead of spaghetti, and lean ground turkey instead of ground beef.
  • "Raw carrot 'chips' instead of tortilla or potato chips to dip in guacamole and hummus." — insanitypepper
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