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Zagat Ratings for Doctors?

I'm sure you're all familiar with Zagat ratings and reviews for restaurants, bars, hotels and attractions. Now that well-known consumer guide is teaming up with WellPoint to survey the world of doctors.

Beginning in January 2008, a new online survey tool will be launched where members of some of WellPoint's Blue Cross and Blue Shied plans will be able to rate, evaluate, and share their medical experiences with fellow members. They'll use the same 30-point scale Zagat approach that is used when reviewing restaurants. Instead of discussing food, atmosphere, prices, and service, patients will rate doctors on trust, communication, availability and environment. Patients will also be able to leave comments for a more personalized and specific review.

A doctor's rating won't be posted until ten members have reviewed him or her. Also, WellPoint and Zagat will carefully monitor the site for inappropriate allegations about a doctor, and members will also be able to report any suspicious comments.

I think this will be a great resource for people since good doctors can be so hard to find. I mean if you went online and read a patient review that said, "even though an appointment with Dr. Shanard can take weeks, it's well worth the wait," wouldn't you want to know?


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TakeoutLA TakeoutLA 9 years
This is absolutely wonderful for them to think of this. But of course, i garee with jlohman. An effective doctor is better and that a likable one. Los Angeles Restaurants
jlohman jlohman 9 years
This is a feeble start. I don't want to know how likable a physician is, I want to know how effective they are. Ditch the bedside manner and introduce a comparison of best practices compared to other physicians in the area. Jack Lohman
Knight-Who-Says-Ni Knight-Who-Says-Ni 9 years
This is fantastic! It's hard to find reviews online about doctors - can be helpful, but this is going to be way better. I wonder what the doctors think about this.
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
This is GREAT! I've said there should be something like this for a Long time!! I've moved to a different city, basically every year for 4 years. It's SO hard to find Doctors. And when I find a great one (like my last dentist) I want to tell the world! Sometimes you get lucky, other times you don't. I'm so excited for this!!
hotstuff hotstuff 9 years
This is fabulous!!! I know a lot of Dr.'s who are absolutely clueless and have no idea what they are doing. You would be surprised at how clueless some of them are! It's like a secret world no Dr. will ever tell you point blank that another Dr. is horrible and has caused more harm to his patients than good. This is great I really believe this should have been the case for years now. We can look for reviews on just about everything else why not when our lives are at stake? This should be the case for hospitals also!
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Oh wow this is great! I love my doctor and have no intention of changing but if you've moved and aren't able to have word of mouth on a doctor from friends this would be the next best thing. :)
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