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Zsweet Is Sweet Enough for Me

Many people out there are looking for a way to satisfy their sweet tooth without compromising the size of their waist. Zsweet ($15 / 1.5 pounds), a natural sweetener, may just be a solution for this dilemma. The "Z" stands for "zero" since it contains zero calories and has zero glycemic affect, making it a viable option for diabetics.

The main ingredient in Zsweet is erythritol, fermented glucose (simple sugar), that occurs naturally in fermented foods like soy sauce and wine. Unlike other sugar alcohols based sweeteners, Zsweet has a high digestive tolerance, so it won't leave your belly aching.

The best thing about Zsweet is you can bake with it and it is easy since you measure it just like sugar. I used it for cookies and received many compliments on the cookies; no one had any idea that I used a sugar substitute. However, I made pudding with Zsweet without much success. While the children loved it, the adults at the dinner party all found it too sweet, almost harshly so. I should have checked out the suggested recipes on the Zsweet site. My hubbie and I decided that the baking with this sugar substitute must have altered it more than just simmering on the stove for the pudding.

You can try it for yourself. To find it just check this store locator for a grocer near you that carries it. Or you can buy it online directly from the Zsweet store.

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vee-two vee-two 9 years
I like ZSweet because, like Splenda, it doesn't burn off and give me the mid-morning sugar shakes the way sugar, honey, nutrasweet, and saccharine do. I don't like the weird taste of Stevia in my tea or coffee but do like Splenda's taste. I think ZSweet has a better taste than Splenda, though, and am glad to not be ingesting those extra chlorine molecules... Whatever the artificial sugar is in no-sugar Ricola cough drops gives me a sick stomach, though. Whether that's the isomalt (also a sugar alcohol like erythritol) or whether they combine it with sucralose (couldn't find out online) I don't know. Don't think the ZSweet makes me nauseous.
nikodarling nikodarling 9 years
I may be willing to try this. Normally sweeteners and sugar substitutes make me nervous. I just try to limit my sugar intake.
hkmarks hkmarks 9 years
Regarding Stevia, I find it's best when treated as an herb and not a sugar substitute. I was buying stevia powder and making Kool-Aid with it for a while, which helped me cut down on sugar. It tasted OK like that, but different than sugar. I made cocoa with it a few times and again it was good but different. It does not go with lemon and makes awful lemonade. I bought a stevia plant last spring and grew it over the summer, then dried the leaves when it got cold. It makes a nice addition to both regular and herbal tea. I'd never have thought of it, but my mom started adding it to eggs, meat, and salad like any other herb and it was actually pretty good. It's nice in vinaigrette instead of maple syrup. Coca-Cola is apparently preparing a stevia-based Coke, which I'd like to try. I'm really sick of the taste of aspartame.
Spectra Spectra 9 years
Splenda doesn't have arsenic in it, but it does have chlorine atoms that replace the hydroxyl groups on the sugar molecule. It makes the molecule unrecognizable to your body's enzymes so it passes through your body undigested. Since it doesn't get broken down, some people have gastrointestinal problems with it. I've never had any problems with it, but some people get bad diarrhea or gas. Erythritol and another sweetener that will soon be on the market (neotame) are sugar alcohols that are sweet like sugar, but aren't digested (like Splenda) but which have a very small effect on the digestive tract. Most sugar alcohols (Xylitol is a big one) have a laxative effect and aren't well tolerated. I might have to try this stuff, but I'd have to order it because there aren't any stores by me that carry it.
DeviousMuse DeviousMuse 9 years
I actually like Splenda to use in baking - mostly because I tend to err on the "less sweet" side of things. If I want it at full sweetness potency, I go for the "Splenda for Baking" version, which is cut half with sugar.
Chikeebabe Chikeebabe 9 years
Splenda is not a natural sweetner as advertised. It's actually man made. They cut the sugar with three parts chlorine and it has asenic in it. The diluting of the sugar causes a zero calorie but the chlorine makes it sweeter. I've actually used a different brand of erythritol that I bought at Whole Foods. We used it in tea, but had to use a whole lot and it still wasn't very sweet. But there wasn't any weird after taste. I think I'll try this brand and see if it's any sweeter. Oh, by the way, you can go to "" if you want to see some more info about it.
Home Home 9 years
I agree with Nancita—stevia's just too weird tasting for me to use, but Zsweet hit the spot. I'm going to try making some Thanksgiving baked goods with it.
nancita nancita 9 years
I tried this stuff and liked it a lot. I've been looking for a natural low-cal sweetener that isn't chemical (like Splenda) but also doesn't taste weird (like Stevia).
cravinsugar cravinsugar 9 years
I know you can't bake with loses it's sweetness...even in tea that isn't iced!
dollyd dollyd 9 years
So are other sweetneers like Splenda, Equal & Sweet N'Low alcohol based and upsetting to the tummy? If not whats the difference between them and this new product?
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