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Zumba Dance Class Will Help You Learn to Love Your Butt

Learn to Love Your Booty

When I taught Pilates, women of a certain age were really only interested in working on their backsides. With three pieces of spring-loaded equipment and the Pilates mat repertoire at my disposal, it was easy to fill a 55-minute session with ass-kicking moves, but I didn't understand the rear obsession . . . until now. Like my former clients, I am approaching that certain age when gravity start to pull tricks on once-resilient flesh. And I do mean pull! At times, I have felt at war with my booty; walking lunges to pick up the just-delivered mail on the other side of the house was a daily tactical maneuver in this ongoing battle.

Waging war on a body part is tiring and just plain mean. I don't recommend it. These days, I am coming to appreciate the size and shape of my backside, and I have Zumba to thank for my newfound derriere detente. The Latin-dance-inspired cardio class is full of rump shaking moves. Your hips lead in almost every step as you salsa and merengue to the syncopated beats. Sixty minutes of dancing to upbeat music is bound to make you feel happy anyway, but the bonus is loving your bum; it's central to almost every dance move and having a little extra flesh back there means you have a little more weight to throw around. If the soundtrack is full of Shakira tunes, your booty will be leading the way.

Leading up to Valentine's Day, show yourself a little love and be kind to your backside. Take it out for a dancing night on the town or a sweaty Zumba workout that feels almost like a party. Let us know what helped you declare a truce with your tush.

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