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Zumba Millennium Dance Complex

Get Ready to Dance Your Ass Off: Zumba Is Partnering Up With LA's Hottest Dance Studio

If you're a lover of dance or you just can't say no to a good Zumba class, you're in for a real treat. Zumba just announced that it's partnering up with Millennium Dance Complex (MDC), the ever-popular dance studio in Hollywood that houses some of the most popular choreographers and dancers in the business.

You may have seen dance routines from MDC plastered all over Instagram, including sequences set to The Pussycat Dolls and Demi Lovato. And you likely already know about the magic of Zumba by now. We're lacing up our dancing shoes just imagining these two together.

Dahrio Wonder, Mauricio Camargo, Cat Chiemelu, and Kreesha Turner are the Zumba dancers who will dance alongside renowned MDC choreographers Kenny Wormald, WilldaBeast Adams, and Brinn Nicole Gooch. Watch them groove to all your favorite kinds of music, from hip-hop to funk to reggaeton. Soon you'll be able to join in on the fun and dance with them all, adding an extra session of cardio to your weekly workout schedule.


"Dance is a universal concept that elicits fun and emotion and provides a great workout, regardless of your skill set," Carolina Moraes, VP of marketing for Zumba, said in a press release. "By partnering with such a reputable dance company like MDC, we want to combine forces to show people everywhere that there is no one way to dance, and that you can take any Zumba move and make it your own."

There's something for everyone in the Zumba and MDC collaboration, so keep your eyes peeled through the month of September, as they'll be releasing three different campaigns that will educate and introduce all levels of dancers to the new workouts. Want to dance like Beyoncé? Now's your chance!

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