A Personal Trainer's Gut Reaction to Her Own Bikini Picture Is So Relatable

A personal trainer and fitness blogger recently opened up about flaws, self-esteem, and perception on Instagram. Anna Victoria shared a bikini picture of herself posing by a pool in the Maldives. Though she's posing confidently, Anna admitted to not feeling that way upon taking the picture.

In her caption, Anna said bluntly, "We are our own biggest critics . . . This is a picture from my trip to the Maldives and when I first saw it, I didn't think to myself, 'look how strong I look' or 'look how happy I was to be there.'" She added, "I immediately dubbed it a 'bad' photo because the side of my thigh looks patchy and that's all I could see."

Though that may seem like a random complaint or seemingly insignificant flaw to focus on, that type of negative self-judgment is common for so many of us, unfortunately. Anna put it best when she said, "We hold ourselves to such insane, impossible standards to be so completely perfect and when we don't live up to it, we fault ourselves."

Ultimately, Anna encouraged her followers to commit to "positive self-talk" and faking it if you have to at the beginning! "Positive self-talk is where it all begins and the only person who can get you there is you." This message must have resonated with her followers, as the post managed to amass over 15,000 "likes" in just a few hours.