Ariana Grande Breaks Down Explaining Why We Cannot Shy Away From Talking About Mental Health

Ariana Grande is not holding back her emotions, and she wants others to do the same. In a new interview with Apple's Beats 1 Radio host Ebro Darden, the singer opened up about how important it is to talk about mental health and to keep the conversation going. After the host played her song "Get Well Soon," which is a tribute to the 22 victims killed in a terrorist attack during Ariana's concert in Manchester, she immediately broke down in tears and discussed the significance of it.

"It's just about being there for each other and helping each other through scary times and anxiety," Ariana said. "You know, there's some dark sh*t out there, and we just have to be there for each other as much as we can. Because you never f*cking know. So I wanted to do something to make people feel good and less alone. It's not just about that. It's also about personal demons and anxiety and more intimate tragedies as well."

She continued, "Mental health is so important. People don't pay enough mind to it because we have things to do. We have schedules, we have jobs, kids, places to be, pressure to fit in, Instagram Stories, whatever facade you're trying to put on, trying to keep up. People don't pay attention to what's happening inside. That's why I felt it was important, I just wanted to give people a hug, musically."

Following the Manchester attack, Ariana continued her tour and honored the victims, but in her song "Get Well Soon," she added an extra 40 seconds of silence to make the song 5 minutes and 22 seconds long, which was the date of the attack: May 22. Ariana stressed the importance of being there for each other and communicating the demons we're struggling with, as she's been more open about PTSD and anxiety since the attack. Read on to see more from Ariana's interview with Ebro and how fans are reacting to her openness ahead.

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Ariana Talk About Mental Health With Ebro

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