How Do You Land the Cover of Sports Illustrated? Embrace Your Cellulite, Says Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is on a mission. Since landing one of the three covers in this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, the model has continued to spread messages of body positivity and size diversity in the modeling industry. Her appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden was no exception.

While on the red carpet, Ashley spoke to CNN about becoming a body-confident role model for women. She said, "The only pressure that I feel is to continue to represent women of all shapes and sizes in a correct manner." She added, "I think that I'm doing that by eating healthy, working out and staying true to who I am. I am a very curvy, voluptuous woman."

Ashley also got real about how she landed her breakthrough Sports Illustrated cover. She said, "I started to claim confidence in my cellulite and my back fat and my cellulite on my arms. That's how you get on the cover of Sports Illustrated." Being absolutely stunning doesn't hurt either.